24 Long hairstyles for men. Embrace your inner confidence and let it grow with your hair!

Men have worn long hair for as long as can be remembered. Even though during the last few years it seemed like that image was being lost, long hair has come on strong lately. With a new found confidence, men all over the world are increasingly going for the wild look that long hair provides. Following you can find some of the most popular hairstyles for the men of today.

Bob style for men
This style distills a special charm in men, especially if combined with a shortly trimmed beard. For a perfect look, go for a side bob and make sure to keep your hair above your shoulders. You will achieve a rebellious look without surrendering any style. This is an ideal style for men with wavy hair, since it will be easier to control your curls!

Upswept hair: ponytail or bun
It seems that all men who let their hair grow out end up realizing how uncomfortable it can be, especially during a warm summer. To solve this problem, there is no better looking solution than to upsweep your hair!

Be it a ponytail or a bun, this style is very versatile. Wear it during an informal meeting or during more formal circumstances. It has become the staple of hipster style for a reason.

Long afro
Not so popular, but worth mentioning because of the strong personality that it has. As happens with long hair, it has a tendency to spoil easier, which means more necessary care.

To choose the right hair style for you, you have to take into account the type of hair that you have, and especially the style you identify yourself with. The beauty about long hair is that once you have let it grown, you will be able to experiment with different styles and lengths. Don’t be afraid, find your inner confidence and let it grow!

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