Top 34 Best Short Hairstyles With Bangs For Round Faces

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#1 Adorable Platinum Hairdo

Women with round faces will surely enjoy this fashionable hairstyle. The platinum color perfectly matches the round shape of the face and you will require only several minutes to organize this cool hairdo. The straight lines of thin hair create a fine silhouette of the face minimizing the volume of cheeks making them look smaller and less protruding. This will contribute your elegant look more than anything else.

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#2 Short Bob with Heavy Sides

If you are searching for a fine hairdo that can slightly fix the flaws of the face shape, go for the bob hairdo with heavy bangs. The model like this will surely assist you in modifying your entire look. A pair of these accentuating heavy sides with an angular cut will surely add some prettiness to the style of yours and accentuate your chin rather than the cheekbones.

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#3 Highlighted Blond Bob

If you prefer bob haircuts, then this model will have something to offer you. This highlighted brilliant hair will fix your round face by means of a single bag that will distract the attention of people from the shape of your face. A one-sided bang creates a great asymmetry that alters the shape of your face and makes smooth features of your image sharper. This cut may be exactly what you were looking for.

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#4 Spiky Pixie Cut

A pixie haircut is a very attractive option for round and oval faced ladies. With this model you can become super short and look awesome as some kind of a star. The spikes on the top will be splendid and you will surely enjoy the way in which you will see your face changed. With such cool super short bangs you can forget about your complexes once and for all.

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#5 Short Layered Bob

In case you are the owner of a round face, there is nothing to be shy about. You can minimize the effect of the roundness in your style by means of adding some bangs to your look. Here you can see a fine variation of a short bob cut with spikes in a cool fashionable red design. It softens the brow line and uneven edgy tips transform the whole impression of the visage into something totally new.

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#6 Not so Boring Bob

If you think that a short bob hairdo with bangs can quickly become boring and go out of fashion, then you are greatly mistaken. If properly done, it will serve you as not only a cool looking fashionable hairdo but also as a means of compensating the over roundness of the face shape. Select between sleek, cropped, angular, leveled and other types of bangs to find an original design that will suit you best.

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#7 Short Bob with Blunt Bangs

A hairstyle with blunt bangs is not only a fashionable accessory but also a means to fix your look. If you think that a round face can be fixed by means of a plastic surgery, then you should take a deep breath and relax. Just go for a nice chin length hairdo with blunt bangs. They will reduce the chubbiness of your face to a greater extent making your look slim and fit even with round face.


#8 Exposed Earlobes

For a more sensitive look try on this hairdo with short bangs which demonstrate the tips of the earlobes. This is a blunt straight haircut where all the bangs are of the same level and are equal with the length of the back. The fringe is also short and hardly touches the brow line. It hides a significant part of face width making it either heart or triangle shaped compensating the roundness.


#9 Faux Messy Bob Hairdo

A bob in a mess with a heavy diagonal fringe is the hairdo that will totally alter your image regardless of the face shape. Irregularity has never before been so elegant and fine looking as it is now. With a simple technique bring your hair to a mess and fixate it with a form. Chop the fringe and add some accentuating accents to look awesome whenever you desire.

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#10 Extremely Cool Bob

This hairdo is born to surprise. With an obvious simplicity this stylish accessory emits a strong charisma of the owner’s character. The bangs with a slight barreled curves and a tapered texture embrace the face hugging it in a tight cocoon. This creates a flattering style of a cool modern woman who has managed to get rid of all the complexes and looks simply amazing.


#11 The Inward Rolled Bob

There is something meditating in this perfect geometrical shape. Symmetry can be traced in each curve and is well balanced for a more astonishing look. The hair of almost a shoulder length vaguely touches the neck with the bent inward rolls at the tips. The pitch black color of the hair was selected on purpose to create a minimizing effect as this color reduces the volume of the face making it smaller than it is in fact.


#12 Wavy Locks

Among plenty of short bob variations this model is noticeable for its irresistible cuteness. The twisted bangs of the hair performed in light brown color look simply amazing. The bangs contrast the straight fringe creating a fine composition of the hair around the face of the owner. It would be a fine matching hairdo for a woman with a round face as it will drive away the attention to the locks.

#13 Playful Styling

Here we’ve got a stylish bob with messy tips. This fashionable light bob is surely full with positive and playfulness. The tips are protruding in various directions creating a fine image of chaos on the head. You can easily get such a hairstyle at home if it is of a decent length and with simple wetting of the hair (without shampoo). The only thing you won’t be able to do alone is the ombre!

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#14 Edgy Bob with Highlights

The uneven razor cut tips of this hair go simply great with the bright colored highlights. This is not only a hairdo for some rock fan, but also of an attractive lady. The sides with a long diagonal fringe change the visual look of the face by means of a simple asymmetry that reduces the size of cheeks and overall roundness of face. If you feel awkward about the shape of your face, there is no need to worry about it.


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#15 Smooth Sleek Bob Style

Here we have another cool French inspired bob hairstyle. It is presented in a fine natural hue of dark brown color that matches the color of eyes and contrasts extra pale complexion of the owner. The shadow that is cast by twisted bangs creates an optical illusion that minimizes the size of the face making it less round, resembling a perfect oval that is worthy of such an elegant hairstyle.


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