16 Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thin Hair and Best Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with Thin Hair

The following are the best hairstyles for women who have clocked 50 years of age.

  • Smart Ultra-Short Bob

This type of hairstyle perfectly works on women with dark brown eyes and oval faces. It has short bobs with graded edges creating a perfect look.

  • Classic Blonde Bob

This type of hairstyle is classic, timeless and ageless. Due to its side parting, it perfectly suits women over 50 years.

  • Extra Short Pixie

This type of hairstyle is easy to maintain and style. It has an even clean cut which is exceptionally flattering to ladies with oval faces.

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Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with Thin Hair

Women over 60 years of age can choose from a wide variety of hairstyles that perfectly suits them. The following are the very best.

  • Diane Keaton Textured Bob

This is the best style especially to modern women. It’s spontaneous and fresh and gives women over 60 a younger fresher look.

  • Layered Bob

Layered Bob perfectly works on women with a round brush face. It has side bangs which make it look stylish and younger.

  • Sort Wipsy

It has light curls which create a flattering volume around various women. It perfectly works for women over 60 and even in their early 90’s.

#1 Mature Bob

Those adult women who have got relatively thicker hair can enjoy this attractive bob hairdo. It was organized in a specific way to obtain some extra bounciness. The hair is forming a sort of a crown starting with the very roots of the hair. The side bangs are specifically curved to enframe the face in the prettiest manner.


#2 Wispy Modern Hair

With modern rollers organizing this hairdo is not a problem. If you like extreme volume and curls, just try out this voluminous hairdo. This would be something that will truly amaze you. The large curls grant decent volume growth even when it comes to working with extremely thin hair. Here the length is the most important thing that influences the volume.

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#3 Short Cropped Hair

This hairdo introduces an image of a close-cropped hair that would be an excellent option for mature women. It carries both elegant and reserved features. The hair carries a fine texture and chopped layering. It would be the best option for everyday wearing as it doesn’t require too much energy during the hair maintenance. In case you are not afraid of short hair try out this new look.

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#4 Feathered Style

If you adore volume in your hairdo, then this model is just for you. While it requires some time, you will gain full control over the volume of the hair. It introduces a set of hair strands of various length which are layered one over another. The hair is intertwined and supports each other to maintain the shape and volume of a gorgeously magnificent look. It would definitely flatter any mature woman.

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#5 Ever Young Jane Fonda

Ms. Fonda is still preserving her best look. Her hairstyle is showing that clearly. It’s unchangeably short with combination of various shades of blond. The gel was used to twist outside the tips and grant them extra shape. It looks quite organic and natural. It goes well with oval and round face shapes as it emphasizes the correct traits of the wearer.

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#6 Layered Mess

Winter coloured hair would be marvellously combined with this haircut. Don’t let the messy look fool you as it was made on purpose to create the best natural look while saving time and nerves. The layers are finely styled and combined with angled sides to finish the image of an appealing woman. Other colours can also be used and the effect will definitely catch the eye.

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#7 Creative Shaggy Cut

This hairstyle can be referred to as “I’ve just woke up!” type. It looks very natural and its messiness is just the key point of the whole style. With saving on maintenance the hair style generates a splendid look of a wild thingy. It is one of those rare hairdos which are universally suitable for any representative of a fair sex.

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#8 Elegant Blunt Haircut

Simple and gorgeous hairstyles are in trend among ladies of all ages. These are the most attractive hairdos due to their low demand level. It can be easily organized after washing the hair and requires minimal usage of any additional fixating fluids. The sides enframe the oval of the face and are suitable for the faces of almost any shape. It is both casual and festive option and even the former first lady Michell Obama used to have such a hairstyle.


#9 Jennifer Anniston’s Shoulder Length Haircut

If you prefer a mid-length hair, then J. Aniston’s unchangeable hairstyle might come to your taste. The hairdo is organized in layers along the sides of the head. It’s very simple, yet rather natural looking design. The easy model can be enhanced by using a dye of several colours to create an attractive gradient. Moreover, it is very practical length as at any time it can be gathered into a high ponytail and it would be a totally different hairdo.


#10 Short Pixies for Adult Women

With age hair becomes thinner due to natural aging of hair follicles. And if a woman wants to preserve the volume of hair together with shininess and texture, the best means of doing it would be a short cut. Pixie style is a popular design among models and celebrities as it preserves the quality of hair and it is modern stylish image of a serious fashionable woman. Just make an attempt and try this hairdo on, you’ll definitely enjoy your look.


#11 Springy Layered Bob

The bob style of this model looks really cute. It makes the wearer look even younger, especially if the colour of the hair was wisely selected. The bronze colour that was introduced here offers a totally new noble look that is extremely attractive and seducing.

The image of the wearer virtually radiates under the flow of these brilliant slightly waved locks. The layered bob will surely add some volume even to the thinnest hair.

#12 Curly Outburst

You don’t have to wait for some special event to wear luxurious hairstyle. Among many popular designer solutions curls are considered the most festive ones. This option of wealthy good looking locks is the model that will surely attract your attention. It grants a fresh breath of youth and provides the wearer with an elaborate style and brand new rich look.

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#13 Meg Ryan’s Shaggy Look

Meg is quite popular for her messy styled hairdos and is still a subject of respect among the stylists. If you want to look easy going and attractive, follow Meg’s footsteps and try out this new hairstyle. Just take some mousse and curl your hair for extra volume to obtain the best possible look for everyday wearing. You can also rough up the hair to increase the level of messiness if you want.

#14 Upward Standing Tips

Sometimes spectacular doesn’t mean some extraordinary haircut! You don’t necessarily have to spend eternity in front of the mirror trying to organize the hair in the most appropriate way.  This casual hairdo is something very practical and applicable for any age. The layered cut creates a shape of the crown on the head and requires some fixating foam to make an image complete. Gorgeous look with minimal time spent.


#15 Short Glamorous Style

Regardless of age any woman dreams of being attractive and pretty. This short haircut is designed specifically for strong ladies who want to show strong character and boldness. The hair of such length will be able to preserve shape for a long time and that is just the best thing about this style. The hair is slightly messy, but that was the main idea of the designers to create a modern youngish look.


#16 Short Style Jamie Lee Curtis

It is hard to imagine that her hair can become even shorter. But regardless of age this short haircut looks especially stylish with white hair. The silver touch of this luxurious hair is something that is worth of attention as it grants a tremendously classy look and matches noble pale complexion. Such short hairdo option would definitely go well with thin hair.



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