Awesome Threading for a Spectacular Look of Your Eyebrows

Women started to thread their eyebrows long ago. The beauties of Ancient Asia were famous for their thick velvet eyebrows with seductive curves. Taking care of the eyebrows by means of removing extra hair with a thread has a lot of advantages.

Pros of Eyebrow Threading Near Me

Nowadays eyebrow threading is popular among beauty professionals all over the world. It’s quite easy and has the following benefits.

  • The usage of the individual thread excludes the danger of being infected with something.
  • It is possible to remove several eyebrow hairs with the help of the thread.
  • The peculiarity of the method is removing of the hair into the direction of the growth not against. It prevents the ingrowth, protects the hair bulb, safes from hair breaking as the hair is being removed completely without leaving any remnants if you consider the following thought: where can I get my eyebrows threaded near me.
  • Improving hair condition. After the threading, the hair becomes softer, thinner and growth slower.
  • Only with the help of the thread, it is possible to make a perfect correction with the desired form of the eyebrows. Especially, it is easy to manipulate with the thread doing the right angle or elegant curves.
  • If the person is experienced with this kind of eyebrow shaping, then this method is much faster than others, for example, wax shaping.
  • Long lasting result. The eyebrows remain well-conditioned for quite a long time. The next procedure will be needed not earlier than in a month because the hair is pulled out with the hair bulb and it takes much time for the new hair to grow.
  • It is possible to get rid of the smallest hair which can be hardly removed with the tweezers. The thread can capture hardly noticeable hair and the upper eyebrow line becomes distinct and contrastive in comparison to the skin.
  • The absence of the irritation. Even the most sensitive skin will feel comfortable after this procedure.
  • The absence of the consequences. The skin is not being harmed during the procedure. It doesn’t become red and there is no swelling, that’s why the visit to the beauty salon can be performed any time, even before some party.
  • Good for any kind of the skin. Dermatologists recommend threading for those people who have acne problems. The thread performs a light pilling removing the dead cells. It makes the skin smoother and silky.
  • Threading can be done even at home or anywhere else. It may happen that there are no tweezers, but there will always be a thread.

Cons to Consider if I Want to Thread Eyebrows near Me

Any cosmetic procedure, besides the advantages, has at least one disadvantage. Threading is not an exception. Taking into account all the peculiarities will help you to avoid the disappointment.

The threading has only a few cons, but still, it has them. Here is the list of them.

  • Almost always this reason is pointed out as the only negative peculiarity. “Beauty requires sacrifice” and removing of the undesired hair will be always connected with pain. As well as other cosmetic procedures (removing the hair with tweezers, wax, hot sugar etc) threading may bring some discomfort, but not for a long time. Every person has a different pain limit, besides every part of the body has a different sensitivity that is why the procedure may be perceived in a different way by every separate person.
  • The difficulty for new timers. With the lack of practice, it will be difficult to shape the eyebrows the same way. Only theory won’t be enough. The master should have enough skills and knowledge to select the proper thread, regulate its tension, and follow the natural curve not changing it a lot.
  • Possible damages of the skin. A very sensitive skin may be damaged, become red after the awkward depilation when the piece of epidermis is removed together with the hair. If dying of the hair was planned, then it should be postponed until all the consequences will disappear.
  • Experience necessity. The process may seem difficult and one even may fail for the first time. Hands become tired because of the tension, the thread cuts the fingers, although all these inconveniences will vanish with practice.
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Advantages of the threading may turn into disadvantages if the correction will be performed carelessly. It takes much time to grow the hair that is why it will be possible to correct the spoiled eyebrow shape not soon – only after the length of the hair will reach 1-3 mm.

What Are the Precautions if I Want Eyebrow Threading near Me Now

  • Presence of any neoplasia (cancerous or non-cancerous);
  • Epidermis damage (burns or wounds);
  • Infectious eruptions;
  • Herpes;
  • Chronical diseases at the period of aggravation

It’s important to select a beauty salon with a good reputation and positive reviews to avoid any negative result.

Select the Shape of Eyebrows for the Best Eyebrow Threading near Me

Before starting the transformation think over your future style and select the shape of the eyebrows accordingly. Eyebrows are an important element of the appearance and may change its oval, eye expression and even the character of the lady, that is why it is better to listen to the pieces of advice from the stylists.

Take various factors into consideration while selecting the shape: age, individual peculiarities of the face, the desired result etc

  • Thin – will add several additional years to the woman of middle and elder age.
  • Straight – make the face soft. They narrow down the position of the eyes making a long face, smaller and increase a narrow forehead.
  • Broad – add strictness to the glance. Are not suitable for narrow face.
  • Uplifted with narrowed edges – make a wide face longer and add some width to a narrow face.
  • Smooth bent – they soften the rough edges of a rectangular face and add oval likeness.
  • Drop like – the most terrific shape for the natural beauty of the face. It happens in case of excessive trimming of the brow with a massive start of the brow and narrow thin tail.
  • Elongated and widely set – are perfect for the eyes which are set too close to each other
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What to Do if There Is no Eyebrow Threading near Me

If by any chance there is no such service as threading in the local beauty salon, you can try to do it on your own by following this simple instruction. Although it might seem problematic, it will appear easier than you think.

  • Place some moisture cream onto the depilation zone and remove it in a few minutes after the skin has become soft.
  • Wash the depilation zone with an antiseptic to prevent the risk of infection that threats the damaged skin.
  • Use a soft cosmetic pencil to draw the line of the desired eyebrows shape. Use wax for the remaining hair.
  • Select the piece of a thread of the most appropriate length that is convenient for you.
  • Bind the tips of the thread with a triple knot so that it glides without the risk to untie.
  • Put the thread ring onto the fingers and twist the circle 5 times creating the Mobius. This is your thread tweezers that will be applied for work. Place the knot further from the place of a twist.
  • Place the thumbs and forefingers into the circles of the two Mobiuses and try to move the thread in various directions the spiral should move freely.
  • The knots on the fingers form the triangles of various size. The largest one is for the undesired hair. The other hair is located in small triangles. You should move the spiral with the finger catching the undesired hair into the trap.
  • It would be great for covering a larger area of hair, but if there are some tiny single hairs, it will be more effective to remove them by means of tweezers as single hair manipulation is the sign of a real pro.
  • After you manage to cope up with that task, finish the procedure with the cream that slows down the growth of the hair

What Items I Might Need for Effective Eyebrow Formation

If you are planning to master the art of the Eastern hair depilation, you might consider the idea of acquiring the equipment that will be helpful during the procedure of hair removal.

Set of Professional Tweezers

Professional Tweezer Pack- 4 Tweezers Set- Ingrown Hair Remover Treatment. Premium Eyebrow Shaper. Tweezers With Case.
Tweezers will be especially effective in the case when you need to be extremely precise or if you battling with hair which is located chaotically. The tweezers of various shapes make it possible to select an appropriate tool for any part of the eyebrow.


  • Wide selection of beauty tools for any purpose
  • Decent quality and unique style
  • Storage case is included
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  • Tweezing can be time taking
  • It requires some mastery
  • Pulling one hair after another is somewhat painful

View Set of Professional Tweezers

Emjoi Tweeze eRase e6

Emjoi Tweeze eRase e6 - Facial Hair Remover - Epilator
This is a real monster of epilation. Regardless of the size, the item is capable to remove the hair on any part of the body. It will be an excellent asset during beach season when a lady wishes to look gorgeous and attractive within a few seconds.


  • Fast depilation
  • Applicability and safety for any skin type
  • Compact size for a journey


  • The tweezing head can be too big for small areas
  • You need decent batteries for a long term of work

View Emjoi Tweeze eRase e6

Gillette Venus Face Perfection Women’s Hair Remover

Gillette Venus Face Perfection Women's Hair Remover for Power Micro-Hair Removal
Gillette is a symbol of top quality when it comes to hair removal. Gillette Venus is a special series for women who take care of their looks. This tool is a compact hair removal item that will eradicate the hair in the hardest to reach areas with the greatest care. If you prefer to do hair removal operations on your own, this piece of equipment will become an excellent assistant.


  • Effective hair removal
  • It can be used for any type of the skin
  • Provides long-term effect


  • Some people can experience pain
  • Uncomfortable for large depilation areas

View Gillette Venus Face Perfection Women’s Hair Remover

Tinkle Eyebrow Shaper, 3-Pack

Dorco Tinkle Eyebrow Shaper, 3-Pack
This set of shapers will make the eyebrows look gorgeous. The set of three razor brushes will be enough for several months of stunning eyebrow look. The work on details will be truly amazing and easy as if brushing your hair in the morning.


  • Removes hair fast on neck and face
  • Perfect for detail work
  • Applicable for sensitive skin


  • Can break if too much effort applied

View Tinkle Eyebrow Shaper, 3-Pack

Nair Hair Remover

Nair Hair Removal Cream for Face with Special Moisturizers, 2-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 4)
Those ladies, whose skin is not sensitive too much, can greatly benefit from this cream. It does not only remove the hair but additionally, it prevents the further growth of hair on the face.


  • Long-term effect
  • Natural formula


  • Inappropriate for some types of skin
  • Hard for eyebrow application

View Nair Hair Remover

Wax Warmer Hair Removal

LeChic - Wax Warmer Hair Removal - Wax Kit - 5 Bags of Hard Wax Beans & 30 Wax Applicator Sticks - Waxing Kit - Step by Step Guide - Wax Beads - Hard Wax - Painlessly Remove Hair From Bikini Arm Legs
You might be interested in testing out the wax. It has proven itself to be an effective means of hair destruction and additional the wax provides a healthy effect onto the skin of the user. It will get read of any hair regardless of its location. The machine will make waking faster and more comfortable.


  • Melts wax fast
  • Superb set with various types of wax
  • Preserves temperature


  • Time taking procedure;
  • Requires electricity;
  • Some ladies experience discomfort.

View Wax Warmer Hair Removal

Professional Steel Scissors

Scissors 9 inch - Professional Heavy Duty Industrial Strength High Carbon Steel Tailor Scissor Shears For Fabric Leather Sewing Dressmaking Tailoring Home Office Artists Students Tailors Dressmakers
The scissors are not for epilation of course, but they are extremely helpful when the stylist takes care of the hair shape in particular areas of the body. These miniature scissors will grant extra comfort to shaping operations.


  • Superb metal quality
  • Long lasting sharpening
  • Run smoothly


  • They cut but not epilate

View Professional Steel Scissors

All Purpose Thread

Coats & Clark Dual Duty All-Purpose Thread, 400 Yards/1 Spool of Yarn, Black
If you are seriously into threading you will need some decent thread. This variant would be a great choice as it is characterized by an excellent durability that will be rather helpful during manipulations.


  • It is rather long 400 yards
  • Runs smoothly due to the polyester material
  • Universal for any type of work


  • You need to have skills for effective threading

View All Purpose Thread

Select among this options or go online to find the epilation equipment that will be suitable for needs. The most important thing is to be as beautiful as you desire!


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