12 hairstyles with feathered bangs every woman should check

It has been a belief among many women that long hair should either be in a bun of a knot or braided.bt this belief is now no more. Long bangs of hair can be made beautiful by making an array of appealing hairstyles on it. These hairstyles include:

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#1 Crimped Look Feather Cut.

It’s a simple hairstyle that requires crimping your hair with a crimper.

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#2 Sectioned sleeks with cute sleeks

the hair style requires graduated locks which are patterned. A styling comb is required for creating parts of the front bangs.

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#3 Rolled Curly Feather Cut.

The hairstyle is easily identified by the presence of thick bangs. Use of a curler creates small curls. The curls are then loosened and pulled downwards to achieve the curls.

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#4 Sleek Braided Feather Cut.

Consists of flowing locks and unique twists on the hair curls.

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#5 Outward layered hair style

All u need Velcro curler or a barrel curler to heat the hair so that it will curl.Once the curls set, brush the hairs apart by use of a paddle brush.

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#6 Curly and wavy hairstyle

The hairstyle requires several layers in order to achieve a superb tress. The front bangs are brushed outwards and laid on one side.

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#7 Wavy Hairstyle Feather Cut

A Velcro curler and a barrel curler are used to set the curls. The curls are set; brush most of the curls outwards while the remaining few should be brushed inwards.


#8 Corporate Look Feather Cut.

Convenient for ladies who like keeping their hair in long locks. All you need is a fixing spray to help the stands stay aligned in place.

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In conclusion, the old myths concerning the upkeep of long bangs of hair have been discredited by the above appealing hairstyles. It’s upon the ladies in long hairs to adapt one of the hairstyles listed.




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