Ruby rose long hair – fashion inspiration for most women

For many years, celebrities have been a fashion inspiration for most women. Starting from clothes, shoes, hair and to their lifestyle in general, most women have borrowed fashion trends from them.

They tend to watch closely and follow the lifestyle of their best celebrities not because they want to know what they are doing next, but to find out the latest fashion in town and join the trend.

Best Idol

Ruby Rose long hair have been on top of it with various hair styles that get all the fashion lovers out there admiring and talking about her new look. This celebrity have inspired most women in the world of fashion with various hair styles and colors which change every now and then making it difficult to predict what hair style she will rock next.

The various colors that she wears show how her perfect complexion can match every color whether bright or dark. Her go getter nature have made her try every hair style and color out there and most of the time getting it right.

The transformation

In recent years the celebrity have been seen rocking short hair styles changing only the colors and the styles but to most people’s amusement, she still manages to look gorgeous.

The styles have blended so well with her chick bones giving hera bold look that has made some people even forget how she actually looks in long hair. Even some people have embraced her new short hair transformation; others are still great admirers of her past long hair looks.

The throwback photos of Ruby Rose long hair are still a master piece and people still borrow them to get perfect styles.


For women out there who are obsessed with long hair, ruby rose long hair is their good choice.The long hair styles have for several years been a perfect show of feminity and beauty.

In fact, you are seen more of a woman if you rock long hair styles other than the short ones.

#1 Long Dual Style

Duality is in trend in both fashion and hair design. The combination of various hairdo elements to create a totally new image is something that is worth trying. The look at Ruby can inspire you on trying out this brand new fashionable tendency. Never be afraid to experiment as you never know what attractive look you may lose, if you don’t try it.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#2 Attractive Braided Option

The braids are fine natural accessory that can be crafted on the head of the woman without using any artificial elements. In this case Miss Rose combines the braided elements with long hair solution to achieve a beauty of a totally next level. It looks femininely aggressive and passionate as if some fire goddess, especially in such a dress that was introduced during the last fashion week.

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Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#3 Two Tone Layered Bob

Unusual colors are in trend and here is a wonderful variant of design which includes the usage of violet ombre and bob haircut. The gradient that ranges from platinum blond to purple hues looks really unusual and the layered bob offers a beautiful game of colors that is very attractive for people who adore experimenting with their styles and like trying something totally out of limits.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#4 Braided Crown

Dreaming of becoming a queen? This time you have got this option, but you won’t have to wear any metal, you can create a crown out of your own hair. You will get the look of some mysterious elven queen that is sitting on her magic throne and she is giving orders to everybody around her. The process of plating can take some time, but you will surely enjoy the outcome.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#5 Beautiful Long Bob

Beauty is simple. If you’ve been gifted with proportional facial traits, you don’t have to fancy out something unusual and magnificent. Even the simplest hairdo will do its job – emphasize your natural beauty. Thin long bob with straight short fringe is one of the easiest to make models and still one of the most attractive ones for the wearer. Keep it simple and you will definitely like it.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#6 Slicked Back Short Hair Cut

Are you dreaming of a sexy modern look? This slicked back short cut is the hairstyle that you’ve might been longing for. Short hair is very popular and it can be seen in the latest fashion presentation that models with short hair are dominating on the stage. Try out the brand new modern look with a short haircut. There’s no doubt that you’ll like it.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#7 Shoulder Length Wavy Bob

This variant of Ruby Rose hair is something that is dedicated to be worn every day. It’s both casual and attractive looking hairstyle that is organized in a simple and fast manner and offer some gorgeous look. The lock flow fluently and there is no need to spend a lot time in front of the mirror to design oneself. Try it on and you will surely like this brand new image.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#8 Long Hair High Pompadour

This is a high hairdo to reflect the style of old fashioned salons. It would perfectly match some cocktail dress and will enhance an overall shape of the head. The fixating foam is used to preserve the shape of the hairdo in the best way. This hairstyle usually requires decent length of hair, but the result is definitely worth it. Add some intricate fleur to your design.

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Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#9 Wild Mess

The long hair is always in trend and this hairstyle makes an image of a wild cat complete. The hair strands are separately organized and fanned to maintain the volume at a decent level. The hair is slightly waved with the tools to add some feminine elegance to the image and the designers really managed to do this. The hairdo is simple in organizing and preserving the shape won’t cause any difficulties.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#10 Choppy Layered Boyish Style

This hairstyle was presented by beauty Ruby in the Orange is the New Black series and it turned her into a sex-bomb immediately. The layered hairstyle really looks awesome. While the sides are slightly shorter and the top is somewhat longer there is a clear line that creates a stylish border between long and short hair making the hairdo even more stylish.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#11 Long Hair And Straight Fringe

This is an excellent hairdo for walking along the red carpet, especially when you need to be in your prime. This is an all-time classics hairdo. The long sides in combination with straight fringe of brow length create a fine design look that will be appealing for most women. It’s time to celebrate – got and try on your new look.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#12 Business Lady Short Layered Bob

Take a look at this elegant hairstyle. It looks marvelous. The layered bob grants nice volume and underlines the traits of the wearer. Overall, it’s the best option for a lady with ambitions, who is capable of setting goals and achieving them no matter what. The option worn by Ruby introduces short hair that is among those universal haircuts which suit most of the women.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#13 Brushed Back Sport Style

The life of the model is filled with hardships. Can you imagine how much time the models spend in the gym to maintain their figures as attractive as they are?! Short hair styles are extremely effective when it comes to work outs. The short hair doesn’t mess around and preserves the shape so organizing the hair in such manner is quite a wise solution.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#14 High Level Undercut

This haircut introduces stylish short cut sides which add some gentleman look. It looks quite fashionable and elegant even with women. At least Ruby Rose looks truly amazing. So if you are not afraid of the experiments, this hair design can become a real discovery. All you have to do is just to take a chance and try out the new style and check if it will suit you fine.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#15 Cornrows Embracing the Slicked Back Hair

This hairdo will definitely emphasize your royal charm. The plates envelop tightly the slicked back hair as if it was some sort of queen’s tiara. In looks both elegant and bold as it really grants a strong emphasis on the head of the wearer. The model looks really gorgeous with this hair design, so you can try out this hairstyle as well and look as attractive as Ruby does. Moreover, this hair design does not require a lot of hard, toilsome work.

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Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#16 Plenty of  Images that Inspire

Ruby Rose is known for her beauty and style. Her hairstyles are the most frequently discussed by the tabloids as she tends to shift between them depending on the image she wants to put on. Such a variety of images that the model has presented during the shows inspired many women to change their styles completely and try out something new. Long, short, average hair length – everything is available with stunning Ruby Rose

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#17 Hotter Than Fire

Among many hair designs of beautiful Ruby Rose this one is perhaps the most memorable. It introduces a gorgeous look that is a fine mix of braids, wavy and long hair. All the elements are well combined to finish up superb image of a stylish superstar that will surely catch an eye of the beholder. It would appear to be an excellent variant for some prom where a lady needs to look her best.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#18 Straight Angled Bob

This classic hair style makes an image of a fine lady. It’s a rather attractive designer option for someone who prefers classic garments. The sides are specifically cut to enframe the face and underline the correct oval of the face. It is simple and yet very elegant solution for a woman who wants to look beautiful under any circumstances and without spending too much time at the salon.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#19 Masterpiece of Hair Design

This is a very unusual  hairstyle which consists of several elements. One half is a luxurious hairdo made of long slightly weavy hair, while other is made of rows of braids which go from the temples to the back of the head. An excellent stylish hairstyle for some special event. It might seem tricky to organize it, but the result is definitely worth time spent on it.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women

#20 Mohawk Pixie Cut

This style is a rather straightforward solution for a woman that is not afraid to cut down her hair to some peculiar shortness. This is a truly badass hairstyle that makes an image of a bad girl complete. This is a somewhat tomboyish cut that is still very attractive and appealing for many modern ladies. The sides are specifically cut short while the top is brushed aside making one half of the head look naked.

Ruby rose long hair - fashion inspiration for most women



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