Top 25 Hairstyles by Kim Kardashian

So you want to imitate the hairstyle of a celebrity. Maybe, you have an ordinary hairstyle and would like to have a completely new style that resembles a celebrity. Well, you can accomplish your desires by choosing popular celebrity hairstyles. Opting for Kim Kardashian hairstyles is one such way to transform your simple looks into an elegant one. A few of the popular hairstyles of Kim Kardashian are elaborated below.

Wispy bangs

If you have a heart shaped face, wispy bangs will make an ideal fit. This particular Kim Kardashian hairstyle helps to balance your sharp chin.

By applying styling cream, you may attain this sophisticated hairstyle that will accentuate your looks, especially your eyes.

Kim Kardashian straight hairstyles

Those who wish to attain a simple yet stylish hairstyle may opt for straight hairstyles by Kim Kardashian.

Without investing a lot of time and efforts, you will get a unique look that will grab the attention of others. Best of all, such a hairstyle is ideal for all types of individuals, modern as well as traditional.

Kim Kardashian short hairstyles

Short hairstyles by Kim Kardashian may be the right choice for those who don’t want their hair to roll below their shoulders.

These hairstyles will accentuate your personality without worrying about bangs getting rolled on your cheeks. Yet, the looks and style you attain by these short hairstyles are innovative and attention-grabbing.

#1 Straight formal Hairdo

These splendid locks that have been introduced by Kim Kardashian are a perfect choice for women with square, oval and heart shaped faces. This fine hairdo introduces splendid highlighted locks. The sexy hair like this would look awesome on any occasion, though it is better to trim it regularly every six weeks. The styling won’t take more than 30 minutes, so it is a very practical hairdo.

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Top 3 Hairstyles by Kim Kardashian (1)

#2 Straight Elegant Hairdo

Kim first appeared with this hairstyle in 2013 and it became her personal business card. It introduced to the public uneven sliced layers at the front with a one-sided partition to modify the jaw-line. The length of the hair compliments the look with a stunning powerful effect. The soft one sided bang smoothens the facial features granting the magnificence to the famous star.

Kim Kardashian photo - 21

#3 Straight Glossy Hairstyle

Kim manages to create a striking hairdo of the simplest models that are available for all women. This hairstyle that was composed by the woman stuns everybody around with a bold sexiness. This standard bob will match the oval face types together with a strict straight fringe. It is radiating not only with a fine gloss but also with an awesome style and elegance.Top 3 Hairstyles by Kim Kardashian (2)

#4 Simple and Seductive

This hair style offers a fine attractive compliment to the oblong face shape. The front tapered fringe flatters a seductive look of the lady. The uneven bangs create a stunning frame around the face. An overall image can be proudly called perfect and yes, it is perfectly suitable for any woman and it can be done not only at some expensive styler’s but even at the local hairdresser’s.

Top 3 Hairstyles by Kim Kardashian (8)

#5 Sassy and Sexy

The TV star will surely astonish you with her sassy and sexy look with such an awesome glossy hair. This hair is marvelously suitable for both oval and oblong faces making them look even prettier. The blunt bangs with a middle parting of this hairdo are just created to complement the shape of the face by putting it into a wonderful frame. The smoothing shine will upgrade your look to a totally extra-terrestrial level.

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Top 3 Hairstyles by Kim Kardashian (6)

#6 Sex Bomb

Perfect for meetings, awards and other star present events it will make an oval face look even more gorgeous and beautiful. The hairdo introduces the layers which add some pretty extra volume to the look of any woman. The diagonal parting hides one half of the face adding some mysteriousness to the look and make an image of a sex-bomb complete.

Top 3 Hairstyles by Kim Kardashian (3)

#7 Bun Up Style

With such a long shiny voluminous hair Kim could have got a problem with organizing it in a bun. However, the stylist makes wonders as usual! This hairdo was gathered all together with a voluminous bun that looks awesome. It combines both chic and elegance together with a superb formal air. It was strongly pinned to preserve shape for a long lasting period of time.

Top 3 Hairstyles by Kim Kardashian (4)

#8 Sassy Updo

This hair updo will become an elegant option that looks like a crown with a wonderful royal style without sacrificing a gorgeous length of the Kim’s hair. It would be a marvelous hairdo for any occasion. This hairdo will complement any shape of the face and preserve the shape by means of regular updating of the hair spray. Though it can take some time to organize the hair, the result is surely worth waiting.

Top 3 Hairstyles by Kim Kardashian (10)


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