11 Simple, chic short curly hair for woman in her 40s and 50s

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Irrespective of age, hair has always defined a woman. When age catches up, the story remains pretty the same – the woman never stopped being a woman. However, when she hits the age of 40 – 50 the story perspective changes.

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As much as she maintains hair trends to enhance her beauty, she reviews her style, sticking to the low-maintenance and comfortable styles that are stylish and chic. The hair style not only enhances her personality, but also keeps the femininity in her intact.




This is the second stage of her youth, where living life to the fullest is important. Older celebrities like Kris Jenner and Madonna Kathy Hilton in their short bob cuts and pixies fits perfectly in this category.



Their stunning looks is mostly defined by the fabulous short curly hair styles they don as they ago about their lives. Though many short hair styles have evolved with time, trendy and elegant look that enhances the personality has been key


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