25 Long Hairstyles with Bangs are the Best for Round Faces

One of the question most hairstylists are faced with is, which hairstyle best suits my face shape? Well, there are varying hairstyles that suit varying face shapes. Lets look at round faces for instance, they happen to have wider cheekbones hence the need to wear a style that adds sophistication to their look and making their faces appear narrower.

Why long hairstyles with bangs work for round faces
The secret to a stylish look for a round face is to conceal the roundness of the face by wearing hairstyles that bring about an illusion of length. Long hairstyles with bangs work best for this purpose as they break up the symmetry by bringing about length and angles that offset wide cheeks and make the face appear oval or longer. Examples of Long hair styles with bangs that help conceal the roundness of the face to make it look narrower include: bohemian waves,glamor bangs,wave excellence and flipped frock among others.

There are different styles of bangs too that one can wear with their long hairstyles for round faces;

Straight bangs are a good choice for a round face. However, they come out well when they are slightly below the eyebrows. It is advisable to avoid bangs that are extremely thick especially if your hair is thick. Side swept long bangs are also good as they angle from the cheekbone hence falling nicely with the rest of the hair.

Asymmetric long bangs on the other hand are flattering especially when narrowing towards the end. For a better style, they can be styled with wax into unique curls with definite edges. With slightly curled ends, they can stretch a round face making it appear narrower.
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