12 Asian Men Hairstyles. The Digital-Age Signature

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Besides a rich cultural and ethnic background, the health, color, intensity and stiffness of Asian hair is incomparable to any. In general, Asian hairstyles are naturally vibrant and extraordinarily unique.

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Four Asian Men Hairstyles (9)This reality defines most Asian men hairstyles, given the assortment of options an Asian man chooses from when determining how his hair looks. Any hairstyle therefore, represents only one choice from a dynamic maze of fashion. From style to length, from breadth to the cut, and from the sharp-edged style to the thick and straight flow, an Asian man has so many feasible yet fashionable options.

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The Digital Signature

The varied assortment of styles is evident among Asian celebrities, but more so among the nationals across the continent.

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Unique however, in this maze of styles, there are three hairstyles that have become emphatically iconic with the digital age. In these four Asian hairstyles men express their age bracket, as the new generation of youth and vigor, based on the cut, shortness, brevity, and tightness of their hair. These four include the college boy style, the Samurai bun, and the K-pop style.

a) The College Boy Style

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A favorite of the contemporary Asian youth, the college boy hairstyle features from short sides all around. A long top then emerges from the short foundation, brushed to the side to cover the left forehead, but slightly. Easy to maintain and typical of youth, the style is popular among Asian men in their twenties.

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b) The K-Pop Style

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The contemporary generation of Asian men has embraced a new phase of urban ideology more than any of the past generations did. The K-Pop hairstyle is unique with a side swept fringe, in a more definite pattern that the traditional angular fringe hairstyle. Unique to the K-Pop hairstyle, are the neatened and or shaved sides acting as a spike to the swept fringe.

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c) The Samurai Bun

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Finally, it would be a mistake to conclude that the digital age of Asian men has embraced a new wave of hairstyles, and by so doing replaced a heritage of their origins.

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In reality, a large percentage of modern Asian men hairstyles feature the popular samurai bun, though with angular curls.

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