Best Eggplant Hair Colors Ideas

Many people like to experiment with hair color often. And some choose very unusual shades. These include eggplant color. Once this tone was considered quite fashionable, but even today some of its variations can be entered into a stylish image. Let’s figure out who the eggplant color is for and how to get it.

The color of eggplant is multifaceted. It includes a variety of exquisite halftones. It can be light or dark, muffled or bright. In any case, the color on the hair looks spectacular. He gives the hairstyle a visual volume, and the look – expressiveness, makes the image mysterious.

Three main eggplant shades can be distinguished:

  • color with a bright purple tint;
  • deep plum shade;
  • reddish tone.

Each of the options is beautiful in itself. However, the choice should take into account the type of appearance, age, as well as some other points.

Who is this color for?

Eggplant color goes to people of young and middle age with flawless skin. Any redness, acne, scars and other defects such a shade will only emphasize.

Rich, vibrant tones are suitable for young girls. Particularly relevant look purple strands. Middle-aged women need to be careful with this color, as it can visually add a couple of years. To avoid this, it is better to opt for deep, dark tones (close to brown or black) or “dusted” cold shades.

As for the undertones, purple looks better on girls with pale skin, gray, blue, gray-green eyes. Plum and reddish tones are more harmoniously combined with brown, amber, hazel-green eyes and a warm skin tone. Dark girls should choose darker color variations. White-skinned young ladies with bright eyes can be painted in bright shades.

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If we talk about hairstyles, the most spectacular eggplant shades look on loose hair laid in waves. Creative short haircuts also emphasize the unusual tone.

Advantages and disadvantages

We can highlight several advantages of the eggplant palette:

  • due to the depth of color, the hair looks thicker;
  • all shades look spectacular, attract eyes;
  • a variety of staining options allows you to create both shocking and “expensive” style;
  • the desired color can be obtained not only by applying the resistant dye, but also using tinting dye.


  • the color is not suitable for everyone (ladies of old age and girls with skin problems should choose more natural tones);
  • bright shades are quickly washed out.


The brightness and saturation of the hue of the eggplant must be maintained, otherwise the color will quickly become faded and inexpressive. To cleanse hair and scalp, it is recommended to use only special shampoos and conditioners designed for colored strands. They are aimed at a gentle effect and protection against leaching.

Between staining with paint, you can maintain the color with a tint shampoo. If you originally used this option, and you liked it, just repeat the procedure regularly.

Avoid using oil masks, as they wash out the color. But it’s possible and even necessary to use protective equipment when styling your hair with a hairdryer, ironing, curling iron and when going out in the summer. Bright shades look much better on shiny well-groomed hair.


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