Top 14 Cute Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Black Women

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Short hairstyles with bangs for black women is another option for novel lookout. When choosing a haircut a woman has to take into account the features of her race. Everybody knows and should bear in mind that races have their own peculiar features (skin colors, shapes of face, form of hair etc.) that are taken into consideration by women who want to look stylish and fashionable. This all is quite vital, if you wish to find your universal style, which would be suitable for you most.

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Undoubtedly, African women possess specific features. Their faces are frequentlyrounded and both – hair and skin – are black. Short hairstyles with bangs for black women are good for those who have a wide forehead. Moreover, short cut is really convenient as it takes little effort to take care of (wash, dry, color), so you may try some styles.





For example, there is curly q crop. As you may guess, it’s a combination of curly hair and crop. If you are a lucky owner of the straight hair, you can opt for “rainfall” – pixie hair that looks as if you’ve just come out of the bath.






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