Top 15 Bangs and glasses, the perfect combination

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Bangs are a great ally for our hair, and it should not be any different now that so many women are wearing glasses. If you are afraid of your glasses getting in the way of your bangs, fear no more! There are plenty of ways to combine glasses with fashionable bangs.

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Straight to the eyes: one of the most popular options because of the assured success it offers and will never be outdated. It is perfect with any type of hair, but you have to make sure that the shape of your glasses is a good fit for this style. Ideal for big glasses and square shaped frames.




Sideways bang: if you’re looking to smoothen the factions of your face it’s as simple as moving your bangs slightly sideways! This style combines perfectly with all types of glasses, since it will not cover them however big they are.





Short bangs: if you’re the daring type, go for short. Because your face will be more exposed than with other options, you can use your glasses to compensate. Go for maximum size frames or with crazy shapes.
If you’re wearing glasses, and want to look fabulous, don’t have any hesitations in opting for bangs!





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