10 Exclusive Secrets on How to Spice Up Side bangs

Whether you have a huge forehead or not, side bangs suit everyone. They frame your face to bring out an image that is collected yet sexy. It is an easy style that you can do at home on both long and short hair.

It involves taking a little amount of your front hair and cutting them to fall on one side your face.

How to make it

Side swept bangs are normally good and go with any type of face. It is a process that you will require a comb, scissors and a straightener although that can be optional. You need to cut down from the middle of your head forward a size of hair you can hold with your palm.

When doing it, bear in mind that you need bigger chunk of wet hair than dry. Similarly, you will need to cut curly hair lower than your expected length because they shrink and can be shorter than you expected.

A flat iron or straightener will come in handy if your hair is dry. Even then, the length where you cut your hair will depend on what you want to highlight. If on the eyes, cut just along the eyebrows.

If you want your cheeks t stand out, then opt for a longer cut below the eyebrows

Styling it differently

Having noted all that, you should try bob with  side bangs. Get a chin length bob and spice it up with a bob. It will make a cool statement of you being not only collected but also who knows what they are doing.

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Use this style if your neck is also short. If you have a long neck, then go for neck long bob with a bang. This style is seen more with red carpet celebrities but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try in fact, try it out with straight hair or better still, wavy ones.

The look it gives is timeless and portrays a mature look.



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