Tree braids – Rock This New Style If You Want To Look Like An Angel

One of the challenges women faces is their brittle and dry hair. If one is lucky to evade that then they are shorter than desired or just long and hard to style every morning.

Since how they look is a very important aspect of every woman, alternative solutions have been brought forward to address these complains.

And the solution came

Tree braids answered their prayer. It came at such a handy time that its popularity is spreading like a wild fire. Every lady is trying them on their heads and amazingly, they fit perfectly and turns a lady to a stunning angel especially ones with curls.

Now they come in two styles: one where you do the tree braid style on your own hair and another that looks more like a weave called crotchet tree braid. Before, tree braid style was associated with African American style but is now on trend and every lady is opting for it due to its easy nature to fix, the good ultimate result and the way they are easy to maintain since its natural just like human hair.

How they look like

With tree braids, you use the hair extension to add them to already plaited cornrows while using knots to hold them in place and prevent falling. It can take 5hours to fix but lasts longer and look better. They also do not require any needles or heat to sew it in.

Crotchet tree braids on the other hand need a needle to sew them on your cornrows; they are fixed like the way weaves are done. An advantage to them is that they are washable, easy to style, protective and dry faster.

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What’s their difference?

The main difference between the two is the different ways of fixing them to your hair otherwise they are both beautiful on your hair. You can style them however you want to give a desired picture you want to portray.

The fact that tree braids are available in different texture makes it simpler. They are available in kinky, straight and curly hairstyles.


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