11 Long Choppy Hairstyles with Bangs Match with all Facial Shapes

If you want a simple and easy-to-maintain hairstyle, you can wear long choppy hairstyles with bangs. This tends to dovetail with round, oval or square faces to ignite the right impression. The style is ever-voguish and has many options for long hairstyles featuring layers. You can enjoy versatile long wavy hair teeming with deep layers and ends interwoven into a more tapering stance. This way, you can adopt different bangs easily, re-style and wear quickly without much preparation.

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To get the best outcome with choppy long hairstyles featuring layers, cut all hair to make layered textures with each strand having a different length. This gives a choppy-layer impression while you can weave protruding hair ends or flip side wide bangs.




Choppy layers can diffuse the look of a round face giving you an illusion long and slim shape. In this vein, long-layer haircuts highlighted by choppiness can strike a balance on long face shapes to soften and conceal the jaw line and forehead. Long and entrancing bangs with tapered ends can inject a soft feel if you have a square-shaped face.



There are multitudes of long hairstyles with a rich layer and bangs if you have straight hair. Many megastars have adopted this style, there are many templates online and you can consult a stylist to explore extra options.


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