14 Create a Whole New Look With Weave Hairstyles

A new hairstyle can freshen your look instantly. What better way than with a weave! There are many choices of quick weave hairstyles and curly weave hairstyles to give you that stylish edge, whether you want to glue, braid or sew.

Turn your short hair into long flowing party-ready locks simply by adding some extensions right onto your hair. If a quick weave is what your after, how about a short sassy do?

You can even razor cut the bangs to the side or add some bright color for a modern look. If you love the look and convenience of a weave but don’t want the glue, then a braided weave could be just the thing.

Long strands of hair can be braided straight into your own hair for a natural seamless look or even curl the ends or add some beads. Whether short or long, curly or straight, there are so many fun ways with weaves to explore!

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