11 Rocking the Jessica Alba Bangs

Jessica Alba usually pulls off some of the best hairstyles. Be it the princess bun, side knot, long hair with curls, the pixie cut, the side-part or bouffant, the stunning actress sure knows how to style her ever glowing hair. One of the hairstyles she sure does pull off is bangs, which every lady should totally try out.

Side bangs
You can cut the best side swept bangs at home. You simply need to create a triangular part that goes towards the side, brush your hair towards the side opposite to where you want your bangs to fall, twist your hair, cut and there you have it…the A-list Jessica Alba side bang.

Front Bangs
You can rock front bangs a countless number of ways. But first, you have to know how to actually cut them. First, create a triangular part, this time towards your forehead. Then, clip the rest of your hair to prevent accidentally cutting the side hair. To ensure that you have a straight across cut, do not cut all the hair at once. Take a thin section from the hair at the back of the triangular part and clip it back.

Cut the remaining part of the hair, starting from the center of your hair, towards the outer parts. Finally, remove the clip and cut the section to march the first section.

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