Want Something New – Try Dark Teal Hair For Fall (19 photo)

Unique and “crazy” hair colors have become increasingly popular around the world. From the grey hair trend of 2019 to the lavender craze sweeping the United states, it is obvious that unnatural hair colors are making a wave in the states. So how do you being to pick the right unique color that will wow your friends and coworkers? Well the newest trend might be right for you – dark teal hair!

Teal is an exotic and beautiful color that can represent the freedom of the water, and the bubbly personality of the ocean. Adding in a darker teal hair color though, gives a little mystery to the wearer and can truly bring your own flare to the color.

Many women are turning to deeper colors with shadowed roots to both make maintaining an exotic color easier, and also to add depth and style to their hair.

Dark teal hair is more manageable than a bright color that needs more frequent touch ups, and fits the theme of fall and winter due to it’s color pallet. The best thing about dark teal hair, and dark teal hair dye, is that with the growing want for exotic hair colors, the dye industry has been answering in droves.

Of course you might want the pampered treatment you get form a salon, where they curl your hair and add beautiful textures and give you the star treatment, but being on a budget while wanting exotic hair is also still possible. Overtone is a hair dye that comes in a plethora of colors, including a vibrant teal.

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If you already have a dark hair color this could be a beautiful alternative to heading to the salon and spending tons of money. Of course overtone touts that it is both healthy and semi-permanent, giving you a chance to try a dark teal hair dye before you commit. I know personally I like to picture myself with the hair color before I go and dye myself permanently.

Keracolor is another dark teal hair dye brand that could easy give you an idea of what this stunning color would look like in your hair. Regardless of how you choose to start, you will never regret the adventure of a new hair color, especially the cool tones of this magnificent, dark teal color.

With this color the style ideas are endless. With root shadowing, which again helps to keep your hair looking more flawless for longer, you have a hundred options from amazing braids that look exotic, to loose curls and perfect straight styles. The beauty of an exotic hair color is there is so much that can be done to dress up the hair style, or play it down, making it a great day look for your job, or a great night look for when you decide a night out on the town is well deserved.

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Whatever you decide, dark teal hair dye is making a splash in the fashion industry, and what better time to try something new than right before the new year?



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