11 Curly locks and her three lucky styles – short hairstyles for thin curly hair

Summer is here and its time to go in for a chic yet simple makeover. While most people must be travelling and shopping to beat the heat, there are many who would like to bask in the sun and enjoy a long island ice tea by the beachlAny summer time woes? Thin curly hair? A mess to manage? Hairfall?The answer lies in keeping it simple. Go short and yet make a large impact.

Its a common perception that thin curly hair is a pain to manage and gives one the feeling that they are losing hair and in some cases it makes one feel that the hair is synonymous to fate and there isnt much one can do about it. When you see a lady with long straight hair walk in to the room, you curse your own tresses.

Good news is, like I said, its a perception not a reality. If you have thin curly hair, then forget just summer, infact short hair is the hairstyle for all seasons and on thin curly hair, it looks the best!

For instance the bob haircut makes thin curly hair look denser in volume and stylish to look at. It makes a woman look simple, elegant and confident. It brings an added glow to your facial features and wherever you go, heads will turn.

For women who feel that their faces are round, the perfect look would be a longer bob cut with bangs. It gives the face more length and looks gorgeous.

For girls and women with oval faces, the perfect style would be a shoulder length haircut. It makes one look cute therefore younger, attractive yet elegant.

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In short, for those of you with thin curly hair, keeping it short is the mantra for all seasons. It’s easier to manage and stands out as elegant and chic always. You can never go wrong.

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