TOP 70 amazing short haircuts for girls 2020

We all want our daughter’s to look as cute as possible so picking the right haircut can be an important decision. That being said not all little girls suit longer hair. Luckily long hair isn’t the only option. Here are three cute short-haircuts for girls to consider:

#1 The Bob

The Bob is the classic cute short-haircut for girls. In and out of popular usage for the last hundred years it’s become a timeless classic. Framing the face perfectly for maximum cuteness this one is a surefire winner for little girls and women alike.

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#2 The Pixie Cut

Spiky and super-short, this hairstyle was immortalized by Tinkerbell in Disney’s Peter Pan. Universally acknowledged as an adorable look, this style best suits those with a ‘heart-shaped’ face.

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#3 The Crop

In and out of fashion since the 1920’s, the Crop was big in the 90’s but is timeless enough to never really be out of fashion. A cute and easy to manage haircut to keep your little girl looking cool for school.


#4 Pixie Style Frankie Sandford

This variant of haircut is both practical and stylish and would be suitable not only for girls, but also for young women. A great number of celebrities prefer this type of hairdo. There won’t be much time wasted while waking up in the morning and brushing the hair. It is a hairstyle of many modern business women who are in constant hurry, but want to look fashionable and attractive.



#5 Boy Style Side Cut

This would be an excellent choice for a modern teenager girl. Nowadays more and more ladies prefer short haircuts. In this emo style haircut has got one short cut side of hair and elongated side sweep fringe that adds an air of playful and tomboyish look. That would be an excellent selection for those representatives of fair sex who like active way of life, especially extreme types of sports.Short-haircuts-for-girls-photo-5

#6 Flower Girl Hairstyle

You must be ready to the fact that this haircut is perhaps one of the chicest short hairstyles for women. It would perfectly match the blond color of the hair. A shortened back and long laces of hair beautifully embrace the contours of the face. It creates an image of cute flower girl that is running across the field with a basket full of roses to bring joy to all people around.Short-haircuts-for-girls-photo-6

#7 Wavy Bob Hair

Fair hair goes perfect with a chin length bob style haircut. The front edges are somewhat longer than the back ones. This unbalanced bob haircut has been modified with a slight waviness. The hair would definitely add some positive mood to the general look of the person. Moreover, it is very easy to make such a hairdo and maintain it in good condition without using some hair burning tools.


#8 Windy Style Pixie Cut

Usually short cut hairstyle is perfect for oval and round faces. This one is not an exception! Such design of hair does not only improve the visual impression of any round face, but also serves as a means of heightening self-esteem. It has been proven that women with short hair become more confident in themselves and capable to do more incredible things. The chaotic hair resembles an ocean of energy that flows though the owner of such a fabulous hairdo.Short-haircuts-for-girls-photo-8

#9 Short Hair to Look Younger

This hairstyle with bang has become extremely popular for business ladies. First of all it is trendy and it goes perfectly with classic style of clothes. The brushed aside hair is an excellent addition for an oval face as it makes the wearer look younger and reduces the effect of a long face with the help of asymmetry that is created by this hairstyle.Short-haircuts-for-girls-photo-9

#10 A Playful Mess

It is often said that if a person remains as creative as a child when he or she is an adult, then the inner child has managed to survive. This haircut would be the best choice for a person who is daring and eager to travel. The hair might look somewhat messy, but it wonderfully describes the fiery character of the lady. It would definitely match all dark and red hair colors.Short-haircuts-for-girls-photo-10

#11 Shaved Sides Punk Style

This hairstyle can be called 2-in-1 haircut. It is not just a stylish accessory of a fashionable woman, but also an unusual element that reflects the dual nature of the person. On one side the lady seems reserved and elegant, while the second side is quite opposite as it shows a rebellious uncontrolled power of a strong woman. It’s quite simple in making and most stylists are acquainted with hairdo.Short-haircuts-for-girls-photo-21

#12 Bob Hairstyle for Thick Black Locks

This contemporary layered bob hairstyle is perfect for thick and wiry hair and perhaps that explains the reason why it is so popular among Asian girls. It definitely adds some charm and sensuality. Softly layered bobs add more feminine look and are suitable for almost any type of face shape. Regardless of age, this type of haircut will definitely make you look younger and more attractive.


#13 Cute Tomboy Hairdo

It is hard to find as popular short hairstyle as this one. It can be considered a real classic in the barbers’ history. Plenty of college graduates have such a hairdo and it creates a smart and elegant look of a person. The creation of this hairstyle is perhaps one of the easiest things to do. All the hair is cut equally to create a perfect domed shape making it suitable for oval and round types of faces.Short-haircuts-for-girls-photo-13

#14 Kirsten’s Version of Spiky Bob Cut

The trends of 2017 have proven that short hair has become extremely fashionable. More and more famous people are appearing in public with brand new short hairdos. Among them Kirsten Stewart has come up with a new Italian designed short hairstyle. This fine short razor chopped bob haircut make the actress look more fabulous than ever. If you are desperate for something new, this haircut will look awesome.Short-haircuts-for-girls-photo-14

#15 Contemporary Spiky Hair

If you are bored of a standard haircut, it’s time for a change. This spiked hairstyle will definitely change your look to something entirely new. It will grant you not only a brand new contemporary image, but also will be an excellent solution for summer as it won’t be too hot while having such a hairdo. However, you’ll need to save up some hair gel to maintain a spiky look of your fringe.Short-haircuts-for-girls-photo-15

#16 Short and Chic Hairstyle

Short hairstyles are probably best matching for coarse thick hair as it is easier to follow the natural movement of such hair. This variant of short hairstyle consists of several layers creating an optical illusion that there is more hair for additional volume effect. It looks quite attractive and elegant so the ladies of all complexions will find this option rather good looking.



#17 Short Wavy Hair

Waves are always fashionable. Even when the curls are short they still add some elegance and style to the wearer. Here we’ve got a shortened option of curly hairdo and the curls here look like gentle waves. It is know that making light waves can be done without any serious damage to the structure of hair. And for women with natural waves of hair this hairstyle would be perfect.


#18 Straight Simple Hair

If you are not sure whether you desire to have an extremely short hair, this option would be your first step to a short hairdo. The length of the hair is trimmed until the length becomes slightly higher than shoulders. The locks remain straight and beautifully frame the contours of the face. It’s true that this variant is rather simple, but the simplicity in this hairdo is the key element that adds an air of some peculiar charm.

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#19 Shoulder Length Haircut for Oval Face

This variant of undercut hairstyle is considered to be the trend of 2017. Millions of women, who are bored with traditional haircuts, decide to try something unusual. This hairstyle really grants a decent sexy look. It offers a fine geometric design, where back tips are shorter than the front ones and that creates a fine attractive image of a serious appealing lady that looks gorgeous. Short-haircuts-for-girls-photo-19

#20 Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs

If you are searching for some unusual image with a short haircut, then this option would be a fine alternative among a great selection of various hairdos. Pixie haircuts look really cool and cute with straight thick hair. Modelling of the bang grants additional charm to the look of a lady. It would combine superbly with an oval and heart shaped faces as it will emphasise the natural traits of the owner.


#21 Elegant Solution for a Lady

This hairstyle would be a simple solution to preserve a decent amount of hair without making it too short. This shoulder length hairdo is an excellent choice for a girl as it enhances the natural features making the face cuter and more attractive. In addition to that the hair can always be drawn backwards to form a tail. It’s an excellent fashionable hairdo for those who prefer active way of life.

#22 As Simple as It Can Be

This is probably the simplest and the cutest hairdo that can be done by parents without any assistance of a hairdresser. You’ll need just a pair of scissors and a comb. There is a slight chance that there would be a necessity to trim the top to get rid of uneven hairs. It makes little fair haired girls look even more attractive with minimal efforts done.

#23 Combination of Short Sides and a Side Sweep

Side sweep hairstyles have become fashionable not only for long and luxurious hair, but it is also a good option for a short hair. To get a good hairstyle one needs to cut the sides as short as the person desires, but the fringe must be left untouched so that it could be used for a side sweep. This fine hairdo looks really attractive with any type of face or hair. It’s a truly universal piece of hair art.

#24 A Fine Short Hair Option for a Chubby Face

If you think that having a round face won’t go with short haircut, you might be mistaken. This is a combination of classic bob haircut and a pixie style one. The length of the hair is above the cheeks and it doesn’t give any additional volume to the cheeks. On contrary, this design of hair sharpens the features getting rid of big face effect. This hair cut is also among the trendy ones which are liked by celebrities.

#25 A Fine Creative Mess

Searching for a stylish decoration of your hair can lead you to this model that was preferred by Kirsten Stewart a few months ago. It involves brushing the hair to one side and use fixating foam to maintain a somewhat spiky design. It looks very fashionable and contemporary. It would be a wonderful option for those people who are hesitating if they should try a short haircut or not.

#26 Short Blond Pixie Style

This would be an elegant hairstyle for the owners of round faces. The haircut is a typical bob style, although it is a shortened version that reduces the round edges of cheekbones. It is brushed on purpose and fixated with foam to retain the form for a longer period of time. This hair would be matching any events and dresses of any style. If you are shy about your face shape and want to change something, try out this option.

#27 Katy Perry Upgraded Look

A platinum blond of Katy Perry has always drawn attention of the viewers. Now she has trimmed her hair to almost a boyish look, but she still remains stylish and cute. She has shaven one of the sides almost completely leaving another one shortened. The hair is brushed to one side with another side naked. This hairstyle seems truly unusual and fashionable and has already become a trend among the singer’s fans.

#28 Cool Summer Alternative

This hairstyle is a so called long bob or lob for short. It looks not only cute, but it is also easy to style. It’s a perfect option for a kid that can’t stand on one spot for a long time and is constantly playing. This is an angular cut where the front is longer than the back. A lot of volume can be added to such a hair with a simple hair drier and a brush. There will be less trouble while taking care of it as during with long hair.

#29 Adult Charm For A Little Lady

Short hair for a girl is considered as both cute and classic style. A wispy bob is the best option for schools as in the mornings mothers can save up some time while preparing their little treasure for going out. The key word for this hairstyle is “easy”. It is true that taking care of this design is energy saving and at the same moment it creates an air of adulthood around your cutie.

#30 Light Curls Short Hair

Curly hair makes little girls look like princesses. Regardless of the length of the hair, the curls can become a fine decoration of your kid’s style. Just make some waves by means of a roller and enjoy a brand new stylish curly hairstyle of a little lady. Entertain your kid by using some colourful hair pins to increase the level of cuteness.

#31 Chin Length Asian Style

Due to the peculiarity of hair structure most Asian girls have got thick and wiry hair. This chin long hairdo is probably one of the best possible variants among wide variety of short hairstyles. It’s also not only a fashionable element of the look, but also a practical attribute of a modern working lady who wants to look smart and attractive to charm people around.

#32 One Sided Hurricane

If you want quickly to get some style points for a beautiful look, try out this stylish haircut. It would perfectly suit any hair type and create an image of a fine pretty lady. Such haircut can be easily done by any hairdresser and it will emphasise both feminine charm and grace of the owner. It suits all types of complexion so that to create a truly universal short haircut.

#33 Natural Style Disorder

Layered bob style is a fashion trend. Here we’ve got a combination of two colours. The lighter one is on the top layer and the darker one is under the sweep. This was done specifically to play on contrast to create a fine optical illusion that enhances the volume for thin hair. So those people who think about adding some volume to their hairstyles can definitely test this haircut.

#34 A Pixie Cut for a Schoolgirl

Each parent dreams of his or her kid to be the most beautiful in the whole world. Choosing a fine hairstyle is an important step that must be undertaken by any parent. One should remember that short doesn’t necessarily mean tomboyish. This pixie cut with an angled fringe would suit an extremely active girl as this type of hairstyle is easy to be taken care of and comfortable in wearing.

#35 Playful Contemporary Hairstyle

This short hairstyle derives from Paris and bears a proud title: “Paris Femme Fatal”. It totally changes an entire impression of a standard bob cut. A great deal of hair is directed to the top, crown hair in particular. The elongated fringe with upward direction culminates this hairstyle. The wearer of such hair would definitely look like some sort of a rock star.

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#36 Sleek A-Line Bob with Bangs

A-line bob is a wonderful choice for a little lady whose parents want to make their girl serious. It is one of the most popular hairdos and some people might say that it is more apt for adult women. However, take a look at this honey. Isn’t she gorgeous? The bangs grant a perfect line above the eyes and offer a splendid look. This hairstyle goes superbly with natural hair colours and is very good looking on perfectly straight hair.

#37 Medium Height Cropped Hair

This medium height hair is on the peak of vogue today. It represents a truly stylish image of a playful lady. In this case the lines of hair are covering each other and create additional volume for even the thinnest hair. This hairstyle is representing the nature loving society as overall texture of the hair might seem to be in a slight disorder, though it was essentially planned this way.

#38 Short Blonde Hair to Match the Lines of the Face

This hairstyle offers a mop top with a fluffy crown of hair. Several tendrils are used to provide a fine frame to the face that will smoothen the sharp features of a triangular face. The tips of the fringe are razor cut to provide a steep texture of the edges. This hairdo gently hugs the scalp offering an overall gentle look of the wearer at the same time containing some romantic features in it.

#39 Gamine Cut Style

This round cut style was specifically designed to provide an excellent spherical silhouette. The hair is organized in a specific round starting with the nape area to create a perfect round. The fringe has been trimmed to be made thinner and brushed aside. The hair of the dark colours is more suitable for this hairdo than any other. A simple round brush would be enough to maintain the hair in order.

#40 Party Style Interpretation

This hair would be perfect for an evening dancing. It is totally feminine and proves the fact that short hair can look as beautiful as the long one. This naturally styled hair is ready for dancing and active leisure of time. And yet the wearer remains charmingly beautiful as this hairdo maintains natural gentle features and overall sensual look of a young damsel.

#41 Short Hairstyle with Spikes

Irregularity has never looked so stylish as it does now. Irregular order seems to increase in popularity. It will be definitely suitable for any type of a daring woman who adores taking the fate in her hands and do what she likes. The sides were trimmed on purpose to provide extra shape to the top of the head with a splendid texture of the general look. The top fixated by a gel remains upward for a long time.

#42 Evening Ball Hairstyle

This design of hair virtually screams of elegance and classicism. In is one of plenty of variations where the full fringe is removed from on part of the face and transferred to another one to create an effect of a mysterious look. The usage of curling techniques adds smooth waves to the hair making it even more attractive and preferable among modern women.

#43 Short and Still Sexy

Halle Berry shows us that women’s charm doesn’t depend on the length of the hair. By demonstrating this short crop hair she proves that a real lady can be charming and sexy even with a hair that is about one inch long with an upward standing fringe. She’s still one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Isn’t she?!

#44 T-Section Girl Hair

This is a very cute hairdo for a little girl. It can vary depending on the length of hair and can be equally long, short and medium. Long tips envelop the face of the baby and make it radiating as never before. Think about making such a hairstyle for your love one to have a cute little angel at home.

#45 A Wavy Luxury

Kelly Osbourne presents a stylish hairdo that perfectly suits square shaped faces and grants a huge emphasis on the eyes. The sides are made rather short while the top has got enough hair to form a wave that starts on the top of the head and runs through the centre of the forehead and goes to the side temple. In general this hairdo looks like a fine natural tiara that positively improves the traits and grants accent to the most attractive spots.

#46 Layered Inverted Bob with Side-Swept Bang

This hairstyle is a fine representative of a contemporary art of hair dressing. It uses an inverted bob haircut as the basis that is accompanied with layer styling. The design of this type looks really gorgeous and the volume is truly amazing. The side swept bangs of the lady are the most important elements of the hairstyle, which make it totally complete and ready for demonstration.

#47 Side Sweep Wavy Strands

The gangster style hairdo will never go out from fashion. This hairdo was popular many years ago and is still trendy. The swift flow of short hair waves creates a marvellous attractive effect that catches the looks of the surrounding people. The perm can be applied for short waves to create a long lasting effect of volume that will not disappear even after several weeks. Don’t be shy, just release your inner beauty with this brand new haircut.

#48 Pixie Style Tomboy

An overall look of this hairstyle resembles that of a French gamin, though it has been modified with a modern popular pixie style to retain feminine look and to add some playful tone to the look. Such hairdo will be mainly preferred by confident women who are not afraid to express themselves and know how to do it properly and in the best possible way. The hair put in layers has a wonderful volume that is very attractive.

#49 Striking Layer Cut

This is considered a classical model haircut that is excellently combinable with fair hair and light complexion. It is generally consisting of two sides which are split in half almost at the top and overall length should be no longer than the length of the chin. Thus we will have a fascinating framing effect where the face oval will be enveloped into the hair halo. Doesn’t it look marvellous?

#50 A Creative Mess is a Good Mess

This variant of a pixie haircut is peculiar in its emphasis of the cheek bones that is provided with the assistance of tapering at sides and side burns. Overall, it might seem that the hair is in a complete disorder. However, if you look closer, you will notice a strict geometrical pattern according to which the hair has been styled by means of spray to stay in a proper disorderly form.

#51 One Sided Undercut

This hairstyle has become a real trend for seducing ladies. A short side and long fringe create an image of a mysterious lady vamp, especially if combined with a peculiar make up. Such hair would go for an oval face as it will visually shorten the face and make the lines of the face smoother. It’s an excellent option for a modern business lady.

#52 Jessica Alba’s Dancing Style

Jessica is one of many celebs who prefer short hairstyle. She has got a fine hair design where all of the hair is brushed to the side and spikes are formed by means of fixating gel. This is a fine contemporary haircut that has got enough length to preserve an incomparably feminine look of such a beautiful lady as Jessica is.

#53 Short Hair with a Rounded Shape

A fine layering of the hair strands organizes this short hair into a fine sculpture of style and attractiveness. The combination of two colours makes an overall feminine look even more irresistible. Shorter hair on the top makes the round shape of the head perfect, while a thin section which goes down diagonally adds some magic charm to the person’s image. All the elements of this design form an upstanding charming look of a playful young lady.

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#54 Elegant Windy Look

This hairstyle is one of the most popular options to choose for a great number of stylish women. It encompasses various elements of hairdos. The first one is straight hair, the second element is represented by wavy edges and the last element is introduced by fine layering of hair that increases the volume and enhances an adventurous look of a wearer.

#55 Pixie Style Short

Anna Hathaway’s hairdo is one of the simplest and yet the cutest hairdos that are currently on the wave of trendiness. It suits almost all face types and creates an image of positive radiating light person. It is an excellent choice for a hot summer as hair is like wool and having a long hair can become a real nightmare when you get under the scorching sun rays.

#56 Shaved Sides with High Top

This type of hairstyle is for those women who are not afraid to try something new and totally different. Rihanna has got her sides totally shaved and only the top remained to be brushed at the side of her face. It makes her to look like a contemporary fashionable lady. If two colours are applied, this will create a fine combination with peculiar charm about the person.

#57 A Haircut for High Forehead

High forehead is a symbol of wisdom and there is no need to be shy of it as many women are. This design is very good for a heart shaped face as it underlines the peculiarities of a straight forehead line and protruding high cheekbones. If you select this option, you’ll definitely add some aristocratic look to your style. The most important thing is that one shouldn’t be afraid to try something new.

#58 Short for Thin

Some people say that a lady can’t look stylish without long hair. But the latest fashion shows have proved that a short haircut can look very attractive indeed. It would look perfect on damaged and thin hair as short length will prevent such type of hair from breaking. It will preserve good look of the wearer until the hair will fully recover after special balming sessions.

#59 Little Girl’s Bang Bob

With this fine haircut your love won’t need to have a mirror at hand to know that she is the prettiest little being on earth. This stylish and practical bob is a universal hairstyle that has been in fashion for many years for both kids and adults equally. The length of such hairdo is just good enough to radiate around the face of your little treasure.

#60 Straight Short Bob

In this hairstyle Rihanna’s hair cast to the sides literally hugs the face creating a marvelous image of a pretty young woman filled with an air of femininity and touch of playfulness. This type of bob cut is asymmetrical as one side of the hair is covering one part of the face which gives us a hint of possible reserved and modest character which is natural for a womankind.

#61 Anime Style Haircut

This is a variant of bob style with a touch of slight waviness. This model would be suitable for those women whose hair is somewhat curly at their roots. Maintaining such length will add an attractive shape to the whole look. This windy style is something truly amazing as it doesn’t require much care to be taken of and still offers a fine gentle feminine look.

#62 Clipper-Cut Layers

Here we’ve got a fine boy style haircut with rather short clipper-cut layer at the side and back of the head and longer hair that was brushed in layers on the crown. An overall look of this design is rather attractive. A slight brushing to the side grants an emphasis of fine angled cutting lines. It will look gorgeous on heart shaped faces of all complexion types.

#63 Short Rounded Dome

In this case we have several layers of hair which have been spirally organized one over another to create a perfect spherical shape imitating the contours of the skull. It would be an excellent style solution for a lady with a round skull as it will underline the perfect shapes of hers and at the same time such a hairdo will preserve a general positive feminine look.

#64 Brush Short Hair

This option of hair design was specifically created to accent the ears, forehead and cheekbones. The hair brushed backwards offers a splendid view of the wearer’s face and we can see all the details of the beautiful visage of Emma Watson. The hair looks rather fashionable and stylish. Currently this hairdo is number one choice for the participants of feministic movement.

#65 Showing independence

Such a pixie hairstyle choice was made by a famous film star Emma Watson not in vain. She decided to prove her independence as a woman by cutting her long and luxurious hair. However, her beauty didn’t fade away. On contrary, she managed to obtain a portion of sleek look that is suitable for adult actresses with many years of experience. It really suits her oval shaped face and gentle features.

#66 Demonstrating an Ear

In many cultures ears are considered an extremely seductive part of the body. The dark color of this hairstyle is a fine highlighter of the asymmetric short haircut. The sides of the hair are roughly pointed by strong cutting lines which demonstrate a single ear that slowly passes to a nape. The entire look is finalized with a sensual long fringe which adds more charm and beauty.

#67 Les Basiques Extravertis

This hairstyle has been developed by French stylists and has quickly become a trend in the world of fashion. Although the length of the hair might seem too short, it still hasn’t lost its feminine attraction. The hair can be easily organized by means of a styling brush and, if needed, with the help of a styling mousse. The tips and fringe are specifically covered with a wax to protect the shape of the hair at the proper level.

#68 Embracing the Face

To provide angular face with gentle swiftness this short haircut uses long layers in front and side parts of the scalp. The highest quantity of the hair is concentrated above the ears and along the cheekbones. It looks as if the person is hiding behind the texture of the hair with only a hint of the real face shown. Such haircut adds some secrecy which greatly benefits an overall charm of the person.

#69 Slightly Lifted Short Haircut

This haircut is one of the shortest options of hair dressing art. However, the lack of length is compensated with an additional brushing that raises the hair from the very roots creating a decent look. This fashionable haircut has got a simple benefit among other options – regardless of the motion it remains unmoved and that is why it is an excellent haircut for an adventurous woman.

#70 Volume Bob

One should remember that bob hairstyle is not only a straight hair; it can be made of fine wavy hair as well. We can see that after an elaborate trimming all the hair strands were organized to support each other and preserve volume and overall shape. The parting in the middle balances the hairstyle and contributes a general seductive look of the woman that owns such a fancy hair.


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