Top 14 Short Hairstyles 2020 – The Best For Young Ladies

Short hairstyles are often fabricated with different effective ideas that work. Nevertheless, short haircuts also come with different trends that can help you to be highly attractive. Have you moved from one salon to another searching for hairstyles 2017? Are you searching for hints on 2017 hairstyles? This content is loaded with great ideas that can help your short haircuts remain great, time and again.

One of the best hairstyles in 2017 that you can always rely on is the asymmetrical side sweep option. This type of short hairstyle comes with a gamut of femininity and passion. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to also design this hairstyle in different unique ways.

Another great hairstyle in 2017 that people can always depend on is the smooth layered crop. One amazing thing about this hairstyle is that you can easily maintain it.

Soft swept drama and curly crop are also in the big list of the 2017 short hairstyles.

#1 Unexpected Combination

If you are passionate about loose hair and braids, you’ve got a cool opportunity to combine these two elements into a totally different hairstyle. It will perfectly express your emotions and will be comfortable to wear in various situations. It can be decorated with some pretty pins or silky ribbons, but even without decorations this hairstyle will rock your image bringing awesomeness.

hairstyles 2015 photo - 2

#2 Short Bob with Wavy Tips

The bob hairstyles are nothing like they were several years ago. Today the bobs are trendy hairdos which are composed of various designer solutions, color and texture. This bob has got a middle partition together with shaggy tips. This messy bob looks quite fabulous for both young and adult ladies as messy models are extremely popular nowadays so it is a good variant to try.

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hairstyles 2015 photo - 3

#3 Long Fiery Bob

Both bob hairstyle and fiery red color are so fashionable! Why shouldn’t you combine these two designer elements? A bob that is organized in fine layers is controlling the hair so that it could fall naturally under its own weight. It’s a straightforward style of a modern day lady so choosing this hairdo would be a marvelous idea for young ladies during 2017.

hairstyles 2015 photo - 4

#4 Rounded Bob

There are three S-trends which are promoting bob styles in 2017 – they are sleek, straight and smooth. This short hairdo with highlights would be a superb choice for a cool woman. It perfectly repeats the shape of the face and creates a frame that radiates around cheekbones, a chin and a jaw line. Some highlights applied to this hairdo will also transform the look to a next level.

hairstyles 2015 photo - 5

#5 Heavily Plated Locks

There are many images which can alter the look of a woman. Here we’ve got a cyberpunk variant of braided hair. The hair is plated in tight ropes and picked up together at the back of the head. The woman will look like some fantastic being and the only thing that will be troublesome is organizing the hairdo, but later on it will be an everyday cool accessory.

hairstyles 2015 photo - 7

#6 Long Straight Bob

The long hairstyles are always chic. This option consists of two leveled hair elements. The first element is a short layered bob with a bright red accentuation highlight that drives attention to your face. The second element of hair is longer and with twisted tips of hair. It would be perfectly fit for women who desire voluminous attractive hairdo that will make people turn their heads towards you.

hairstyles 2015 photo - 9

#7 Mid Length Bob

The middle length bobs have changed the look of women for many years. 2017 is not an exception: bob hairdo still rocks the stage and you can surely wear it day by day and enjoy a superb look. In fact, it is a very simple hair design, but it makes the woman look gorgeous as a picture. This hairstyle doesn’t require a high level maintenance and preserves shape for a long time.

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hairstyles 2015 photo - 11

#8 Voluminous Messy Look

If the hair is organized in a messy way, it will deal with a lot of hair problems! You don’t have to worry that a mess on your head will spoil your style – the mess will become a part of your style. All you have to do is tussle your hair while it is still moistured and blow it dry to add some volume. In not more than 15 minutes you will obtain a cool hairdo that will change your look to a better side.

hairstyles 2015 photo - 12

#9 Accentuated Bob Hairstyle

The waves have become a fine attribute of a common bob style that totally transforms a standard classic hairdo to a totally different entity. The waves create an image of a playful lady, while the whitened front hair strands add a superb accent that drives attention to the visage of the woman. In addition, one can consider applying ombre to develop an unusual texture of all the hair!

hairstyles 2015 photo - 13

#10 Celebrating Hairdo

If you are the owner of a nice thick hair and are planning to celebrate an important event in 2017 – a festive hair updo is your choice number one. When gathered up and decorated with some sort of a crown or tiara, your image will be unforgettable. Add some ombre to the hair to obtain an unforgettable colorful pattern that will look stunning on the photos.

hairstyles 2015 photo - 14

#11 Standard Long Curved Bob

This bob hairstyle, which was so much preferred by Jenifer Anniston, is an excellent choice for women who like to be on a practical side of the style. This simple looking hairdo is just something that a modern woman needs. It would be an awesome useful model that will look elegant and classy at both party and during casual wearing. Choose this model if you desire to save time in the morning.

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hairstyles 2015 photo - 17

#12 Upstanding Hairstyle

The hair can stand! Yes, that is totally a rebellious hairdo for a teenager. Those, who wish to alter their look and make it super cool, need to take a bottle of wax and start brushing your hair up. In a few secs you will obtain a cool up look. It’s an unusual hairstyle that was demonstrated on a recent fashion week in Paris. If you follow the trends, try on this hairdo.

hairstyles 2015 photo - 18

#13 A Top Bun

The hair gathered in a fine bun is just something that will make you look like a candy. This is a very comfortable hairdo in case you need to go somewhere fast and look beautiful at the same time. The bun will preserve your hair in a decent shape when you will be dancing, doing the chores or performing a workout in the gym. This is a universally useful hairdo.

hairstyles 2015 photo - 20

#14 Beachy Mid Length Bob

If you’ve decided to try on a bob style, there is a marvelous option with a beachy fleur in it. It’s summer time and this waved bob will be just the right hairstyle for a beach. The length is just perfect for active time spending and the wavy tips carry a peculiar elegance. That is why if you need a good festival hair, this variant would be a marvelous solution for you.



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