16 Hairstyles for Girls: Photo, Ideas, Accessories

Ponytail and braids for girls have already gone out of fashion. Firstly, because the little fashion-mongers imitate mothers, and those, in turn, are trying more and more new ideas.

Trendy hairstyles for girls are the same reality as trends in clothing or handbags. Secondly, it is boring to braid the same pigtail every morning. So, you will find ideas of hairstyles and haircuts for girls very useful. The more varied the better!

Short Hairstyles for Girls

Hairstyles for short hair for girls can be quite various. For this we need a little time and imagination. By the way, these options are the foundation of children’s hairstyles for girls aged 5-8 years. Damp hair (you can sprinkle it with an atomizer) is share parted in the middle and then on the right and on the left side isolated by two middle strands. The most convenient way is to focus on the eyebrows first strand allocated to the level of the nose to the middle of the eyebrows, the second from the middle to the outer tip.

Now comb the “excess” hair and the desired strand wring in the direction opposite of hair growth. Use a barrette to fix the ready strand. Try to twist gently, but not much, because it can be painful. By the way, this is a hairstyle for medium and long hair.

Two tows is a simpler variation of the previous ideas. Several strands width 2-2.5 cm taken from the temples are twisted in opposite directions. Fix with hairpins. Hairstyle is suitable even for quads. You can add volume even to short and thin hair with the help of bouffant and fixing with the hoop.


Hairstyles for Medium Hair

As a rule, most of the girls have hair of the average length in school years. It is important that the hair does not tangle, bother and impede during lessons.  That is why the school hairstyles for girls are focused, for the most part, on feathercut or hair of length to the shoulders. The most simple is to collect a normal node, but there are more interesting options.

Unilateral French braid is good because it allows us not to collect hair, but also keeps it. For a variation of this well-known hairstyle, you will need large-toothed comb which strands tease a little forward, and then going into a braid that goes to the head.


Accessories and decorative elements in the hair always look advantageous.

Hairstyles for little girls with an average length of strands can be decorated with a wide ribbon in the forehead, and older girls can choose flowers and bows. It is handy when a flower is attached to a stud, so that it captures a braid or plait and decorates the haircut simultaneously.

Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair

Intricate braids: fishtail, French braid, plait is still popular hairstyles for long hair. However, we offer a few ideas that will look great both on straight and curly strands. Ponytail can be transformed if you hide the hair tie behind the curls. To do this, tie the tail, release one top strand twist plait and wrap around the tie. Another variation of the ponytail looks really cute on little girls. To do this, comb hair and use a hair tie. Divide the strands to the tie in half and gently twist them in two different directions harness.

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The so-called waterfall hairstyle will be a good choice for a holiday: you should make a French braid along the head and leave free ends. Use tweezers to make the effect of waves or curling.

Hairstyles for girls of 12 years old and older are usually characterized by a rare pattern. To create textured braid gather the hair into a ponytail and use the side locks. A simpler option: build a spike from the top periodically using strands from the temples and ears. Broad braids offer more space options for hairstyles for girls. Medium hair can create a reverse French braid and weave knots. When braiding nodes you will need to remember to spread over either the left or the right strand over the entire length of weaving.

As you can see, beautiful hairstyles for girls can be implemented at any length. Just need a little time and skill!

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