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Lately, Carrie’s Instagram posts with her baby and husband have drawn enormous online attention. As much as her new image as a caring parent, Carrie Underwood new haircut has also become a talk of the town. Her intention behind this new hairdo is obviously to spend more and quality time with her son and not ‘spend on taking care of her long hair. Changing hairstyles is a common practice among celebrities, but Carrie Underwood haircut is being looked differently because it sounds more purposeful to many.

A happy parent now whose first priority is her son, Carrie takes pride in her motherhood and that is explicit -even more than Carrie Underwood haircuts which made headlines in media some time back. Her new role as parent prompted her to change hair styling routine and make it less time consuming that before. The new Carrie Underwood haircut clearly is motherhood inspired and quite impressive as it adds an extra dimension to the singer-songwriter-actress’s personality.

#1 Platinum Locks

This mid length hair boasts with splendid waves which start at the very roots of the hair. Each movement of the hair produces a jumpy echo that astonishes all people around you. Such an outstanding look can be obtained by using a simple curling iron. For a healthier look of the hair the tips should be regularly trimmed to preserve the texture.

carrie underwood haircut photo - 2

#2 Medium Hair Bob Style

This wavy mid length bob hairstyle introduces a honey colored hair of medium length which creates a fine frame around the face. It would be perfectly matching both thin and medium hair and women of all ages can afford such a gorgeous elegant look. The long layers in which the hair is organized match the long face shape best as it smoothens the cheek bones and compensates the length.

carrie underwood haircut photo - 3

#3 Jagged Cut Hairdo

With hairstyle with unevenly cut layers like this any woman would be flattered. The defined edgy tips would be easy to style and maintain the shape. This hairdo suits all the face shapes perfectly as it is an elegant accessory of any woman who desires to be attractive during any festive event or casual wearing. The light tips create a picturesque image of any wearer.

carrie underwood haircut photo - 6

#4 Brushed Back Hair

This brushed back hairdo will be a marvelous acquisition for a woman of any age. While being brushed back it looks really awesome at some public meeting. After the fixating mousse is applied to the hair, it will preserve the shape for a long time and will be an excellent style acquisition. If a star looks gorgeous, you can look great as well.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-5

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#5 Beach Hair Style

All this hairstyle is about beach and waves. If you are wild and cool, this hairdo is just for you to wear. If you wish to get rid of your complexes, check out this hairstyle. Carrie has got a warm color of hair and it is perfectly matched with a golden hair color. The performance on the stage with such a hairdo would be just great as the hair won’t be an obstacle.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-6

#6 Straight Formal Bob Hair Cut

As it was probably mentioned bob hairdo is a practical and modern hairstyle of a pretty woman. With adding some gloss it will gain a totally unique look that would flatter the image of a fashionable lady. The uneven tips of the hair look very graceful and cute and are not a slightest similar to a standard bob hairdo. It compensates the image of a long face making it smaller with a fine frame.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-7

#7 Divine Looking Bob

The bob has again returned to the rows of fashionable trends. Carrie shows a soft blond hairdo with side swept fringe that is slightly parted to the right and grands an emphasis to the eyes of the lady. The bob is of a standard average length that leaves the shoulders sexually naked. It is a truly timeless chic hairdo that still looks extremely attractive and is perfectly integrated with any outfit.


#8 Outward Curve

This is another option of a stylish hairstyle that was made with an elegant layering. It perfectly accentuates on a sharp chin and neck with the side bangs. The soft curls of light waves will really impress all the people around you. In some aspects it is similar to the hairdos of the characters of the 90s series like a world famous “Friend”. You see that trends go in circles and return every decade!Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-9

#9 Smooth Layered Bob

This tribute to a classic hair bob style with a long parted hair is something that will change the look of a woman. It slightly conceals one of the eyes, adding an element of mystery and emphasizing the curve of the jaw, together with lips. The glossy hair is by itself a splendid design solution, but when it is organized in this manner, it receives an unbelievable look where the beauty is revealed by means of a sheer simplicity.LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 31: Singer Carrie Underwood arrives at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center on January 31, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS)

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#10 A Back Swept Bob with Textured Tips

The hairstyle like this is an upgraded bob hairdo with finely cut edges with a clearly traced texture for an extra contemporary look. Miss Underwood’s hair has a close resemblance to Mila Jovovich ‘s hairdo that she used in the popular movie “The Fifth Element”. The straight brushed back hair looks awesome with a diamond and triangular faces and hides an extensive width of the forehead, making it a fine accent.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-11

#11 A Total Messy Bob

The phrase “I woke up with this hairdo” was probably told about this hairstyle. The messy hair is said to be the most effective hair when it comes to low maintaining and attractive looking image. The chaotic hair will look awesome with any lady and you won’t have to fear that your hair will be spoiled with a gust of wind or a rainfall. It is so playful and joyful that one should just try this hair out.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-12

#12 Accentuated Wavy Bob

This hairstyle with a fine texturized hair illuminates an overall style of the owner granting a radiating glow. This hairdo is something that is matching the look of a real star. The strands are flowing freely and the fringe at the top is pinned up with small hairpin. With such a cute look your hair will move beautifully every time you walk somewhere.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-13

#13 Little Twist Bob

This hairstyle is an excellent casual option. The tips are slightly twisted and short wavy hair generates a real feminine look that would be perfect for a scorching summer. Voluminously sexy hairdo offers a lot of styling benefits with further hair improvement. It resembles a natural windblown haircut. The golden color of the hair is perfectly matching the sun tanned complexion of the owner.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-14

#14 Fine Bob Look

This is a fine mid bob with a heavy fringe. There is a slight layering on the top of the head to gain some extra volume. It combines the irregular tips of the bob hairdo with a sharp diagonal fringe. The hairdo emulates an untreated messy look that has become the latest trend among women. It is an excellent time-saving haircut that will look specifically gorgeous regardless of anything.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-15

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#15 Another Modern Style

Carry offers a fine classic inspired hair with a mid-length wavy hair. The curls are a peak trend above many other hairstyles of contemporary hair fashion. This short wavy look introduces a free image of a woman who demonstrates a cascade of freely flowing hair that seems to be so energetic and attractive. This hair would be a great choice for some dance evening.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-16

#16 Hair of Various Layers

This layered bob hairdo introduces a variation of several leveled hair locks. The outer contour is shorter than the back one to create a beautiful frame around the face of the owner. It simply radiates the magnificence of some royal derived origin. Like a queen of some kingdom has left the pages of the book and came to the reality and appeared in her entire prime.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-17

#17 Casual Hairdo with a Headband

This hairstyle of Carry Underwood would be an excellent choice for everyday chores. It’s a perfect casual hairdo for everyday affairs. With the help of a fine hair band you will be able to get rid of the hair that under other circumstances would meddle in the way. Just hide the hair under the band and do what needs to be done and stay as pretty as with some finely styled hairdo.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-18

#18 Medium Business Lady Style

A simple wavy mid-length bob hairstyle would be especially awesome if combined with a strict black and white suit and a tie. This would make a fine masculine image with a fine feminine fleur. Although it might seem a way too strict, it would be an elegant choice for some business meeting. And if this hairdo will be additionally accompanied with a pair of fine glasses it would have a double powerful effect.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-19

#19 A Decent Combo

This hairdo is a wonderful combination of both long and average length layers which embrace the head from all the sides. One can call this hairstyle a stunning and an awesome one. It would be a gorgeous choice for any important or casual event as regardless of anything you will be just amazing. And the most important thing is the fact that it can be easily redone with a fine roller.Carrie-underwood-haircut-photo-20


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