Grey hair: Hide or Not to Hide?

Fashion keeps on changing, similarly style does and also preferences changes. Earlier when women use to see their first grey hair, they tend to shy and try to cover them with dyes.


Grey’s doesn’t only mean that someone is getting older, it can also depict the maturity and responsibility of one-selves. Now a days women generally doesn’t shy to flaunt their grey and prefer showing them with grace and style by either going blondish or sporting the silver locks with style and pride. Grey hair is normally associated with old age but now even the younger celebrities choose to go grey.


They either highlight it or mix and match their hair with grey and some other color. Some style them with curls or cut them short. Their are many hairstyles which can be done with even grey hair and no one should feel shy about that silver locks. Today, Grey hair looks absolutely stunning and ravishing and a new fashion statement on itself.


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