Top 8 hairstyles meant just for short natural twist hair

Most ladies would do anything to maintain their natural hair in an excellent condition. This is in line the fact that every lady want to have the type of hairstyle that becomes the talk of the town. The following are the hairstyles that will make you look amazingly pretty and yet natural with your short natural hair.

short natural twist hairstyles photo - 1

short natural twist hairstyles photo - 2

#1 Sponge twists

This hairstyle is made by the use of an enormous sponge with fairly small holes in it to produce short twists in the head. It takes a short time and the results are perfect.

short natural twist hairstyles photo - 4

#2 Mini twists

They align well in short natural hair resulting in an orderly set of twists all over the head. It may take around five hours to perfectly do the style.

short natural twist hairstyles photo - 6


#3 Asymmetrical afro

The style does well in natural short hair. The lady here chooses the side she would like the cut to taper depending on what she likes.

short natural twist hairstyles photo - 9

#4 Chunky twist out

The style is great with fairly short natural hairstyles. It is recommended for the ladies in the free style type of professions.


#5 Flat twisted updo

This will look pretty in your short natural hair. Your hair need not to be too long to have an updo with it.



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