32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have

He style in which men keep their hair is an important thing that must be considered for one to look neat and presentable. This is shown by the type of 1920s men’s hairstyle that the hair was kept short on the sides and longer at the top which was important in keeping it clean with an undercut. The following are the types of 1920s men’s hairstyles.

Slicked back hairstyle

This is the best hairstyle when hair is clean, damp and not completely wet. This type of hairstyle needs a strong holding gel for it to have its true look. A comb is used to brush the hair backwards from the front of your forehead.

Side part

This is another type of hairstyle that is great for smart occasions. This helps to keep the shape of your face and define the jawline and work with a fade or buzz haircut. The hair is kept in a medium length on top in order to have enough part and one side is kept shorter to identify the side part after you are done with the styling.

These are the two best types of 1920s men’s hairstyles one can choose to have.

#1 Retro Wave Monroe Style

Please stop at this model and tell us whom does the lady remind? It is certainly a hairdo of a world famous actress Marilyn Monroe. The luxurious waves were finely hair sprayed for more effective shape preservation without adding any stiffness to the hair. This would be a wonderful choice for women who want to get admirable and graceful image as the resulting waves look very soft.

1920s hairstyles photo - 1

#2 Low Cute Bun with Jeweled Pins

Among a great deal of attractive vintage hairstyles, there are many options which have managed to fall deeply into our hearts since early 20s. The gorgeous locks in this hairdo are simply radiating with cuteness and you can definitely see why it is so. The hair is sleekly organized in fine golden locks and it’s plated into a fine bun. It offers a delicate complement to the owner of such a classy hair design.

1920s hairstyles photo - 5

#3 A Stylish Bun with a Mesh

The bun hairstyles were the most significant hairstyles of the 20s. You could see various bun hairstyles both strict tight ones and festive loose hair buns. This hairdo demonstrates an excellent salon solution. The usage of a mesh is also a cool option for a marvelous style as it provides the additional firmness to the hair and that is a great idea for a retro party.

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1920s hairstyles photo - 16

#4 One Sided Swept Hair Bun with a Head Band

If you prefer soft elements in your hair, this smooth soft wavy bun would be an excellent choice for a marvelous evening date design. Although some people might state that bun styles are a little bit old fashioned, a gorgeous stylish look of the retro hairdo benefits greatly the image of the owner. In addition, a finely decorated hair band with a natural ornament will increase the cuteness of this hair.

1920s hairstyles photo - 17

#5 Retro Brunette Curly Bob

Vintage hairdos of the 20s were characteristic of relative shortness and bluntness with reduced level of layering. A vintage curly bob style with mid length bangs tends to be very classy and attractive looking. The curls are organized inwards to add some additional volume. It is a real retro style hairdo that was so popular among Hollywood stars. If you’re searching for a 100% attractive hairdo, this is your best choice.

1920s hairstyles photo - 21

#6 Different Type of Bangs

The bangs can be totally different! You can go in for long, short or medium variations. If you are hesitating with choice, go and pick bun bangs. This would be a totally great hairdo that would be a certain winning option. After you finish the styling you will receive a hairdo that will complement your entire image. The buns are organized by means of stylish pins which are almost invisible.

1920s hairstyles photo - 36

#7 Long Side-Parted Waves

This option of hairstyles is a fine contrast of the hairdos of the 20s. Most of such hairdos were majorly short or middle length, while this one is an option with a long heavy wave fall that introduces a side part and offers a gorgeous look for the most effective air. Such luxurious hairdos were created for some festivals or celebrations so that would be a wonderful selection for the most fashionable image.

1920s hairstyles photo - 35

#8 Miraculous Updo with Decorations

The hair decorations were the most important part of any undo in the 20s. People used to be obsessed with a cult of luxury and that explains why there were so many décor options for hair updos. This variant offers an elegant loose hair bun composed of fine waved hair. However, the greatest attractiveness is in this awesome headband with a gorgeous flower ornament. It maximizes a gorgeous look of hair.

1920s hairstyles photo - 34

#9 Elegant Wavy One-Side Plating

The lovely waves of retro style were absolutely adorable. However, this lovely hairdo would look cool. The brilliant shiny color of the hairstyle looks like a melting metal that flows along the neck of the owner. If you are trying to get a glamorous updo for some important even, you should go and get this hair design as with it you would look absolutely amazing.

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1920s hairstyles photo - 33

#10 Side-Swept Hair Bun

This gorgeous reminder of the past times still bears the significant influence on the modern fashion. Such cool looking hairdos are composed of two vital elements – the hair bun and the plated elements at the temples. If you’re planning to go on a date and need an awesome magical hairdo – here is the option for you! Just give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

1920s hairstyles photo - 32

#11 One-Sided Plated Bun

Among many types of hair buns this option is an extremely attractive. If you desire an excellent “WOW!”, it’s time to return back to the classics. As it has been well known, old fashioned trends return back to wide usage from time to time. Yes, it can sound weird, but this hairstyle is a renovated old fashioned hairdo that received a totally new life.

1920s hairstyles photo - 31

#12 Tied Knot on the Back

The hair can be styled in various manners. It can be plated, swept back and transformed in any other means. Here you can see a very unusual solution of a practical hairdo that was over popular back in the 1920s. In this option the hair was swept in layers for adding some accents to the chick bones. The hair behind is tied up but without the aid of any band. It uses the very hair to tie itself in cool knot at the back of the head. It’s indeed a daring solution that would look good with modern lady.

1920s hairstyles photo - 30

#13 Just a Pony Tail

That’s hard to believe but the simplicity and attractiveness of a lady with a pony tail has been recognized by the world many decades before, so you shouldn’t be surprised that it was popular in the 20s and still it looks awesome with all girls. Moreover, what can be simple in organizing of the hair in such manner – wash, brush and tie. That’s all you need to do to get a good pony tail.

1920s hairstyles photo - 29

#14 Double-Sided Victory Rolls

The retro meter of this hairdo is simply over the maximum. If you want to complement yourself with fine vintage vibes, try on this fashionable hair design. The snow white skin in combination with two wings of hair rolls make you look like a beauty who has decided to grant you a visit from the past. It will bring a fine retro charm to fascinate everyone around.

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1920s hairstyles photo - 27

#15 Slightly Messy Wavy Bob

One can say with confidence that wavy bobs have been in trend since the very beginning of the 20th century and he or she won’t be that much mistaken. The bobs used to be popular throughout the whole previous century and even nowadays they are considered one of the most preferred hairdos among women of many different decades. This messy hairdo with wavy bangs perfectly proves us that natural style was and will be always in trend.

1920s hairstyles photo - 26

#16 Feather Sleek Style

The hairdos of this fashion in combination with a feather decoration used to be extremely fashionable in the salons and cabarets. It was a symbol of beauty at that time – short, shiny hair that was styled in very distinct waves. It can sound appealing for some thematic party or a festive event when you require a unique style to look good as gold.

1920s hairstyles photo - 25

#17 Vintage Updo of My Fair Lady

Not many people can remember this movie, but Miss Eliza Doolittle looked gorgeous with this hair after all trials she had to pass. If you wish to impress someone with a non-screaming and modest hairdo, this romantic evening option will totally correspond those needs of yours. Accompany it with a little black dress and a positive result is guaranteed.

1920s hairstyles photo - 24

#18 Cute Alternative

Have you ever tried on an image of classic 20s housewife? If not, you should definitely go for this model. The women from almost 100 years ago knew perfectly how to look elegant and pretty with minimum efforts done. Take a look at this simple bob with a separation and a swept back waved bangs which reveal the ears. Doesn’t she look cute as a pie?!

1920s hairstyles photo - 23

#19 Ribbed Sleek Hair

Here we have a hairdo from the old fashioned movies that shocked people with its daring look. It required the usage of some heavy duty gel to maintain the shape for a long time, while each curl was handmade for achieving a perfect symmetry. If your wish to try out an image of some old cinematography movie star, try out this hairdo!

1920s hairstyles photo - 22

32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have 32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have 32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have 32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have 32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have 32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have 32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have 32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have 32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have 32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have 32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have 32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have 32 Best Types Of 1920s Hairstyles One Can Choose To Have


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