Airbrush Makeup – New Technique Everyone Should Know About

Perhaps, the progress of modern technologies will never stop surprising: what the amazing things the beauty specialists create to help the ladies look beautiful. It’s not that easy to make up every day, although it’s hard to refuse to have a nice stylish makeup.

Dark spots, wrinkles, baggy skin below the eyes or pale skin never added beauty to anyone, that is why it is very important to know how to do a nice makeup. Recently a new and a very young technology of the makeup “Airbrush” becomes more and more popular.

This way of making up came to us from the Hollywood: celebs have been using the airbrush for a long time as it makes possible to create an ideal makeup.

The technique itself is not difficult, the main thing is to use high-quality instruments. The procedure means airbrushing of the special cosmetics with the help of airbrush and air compressor. The particles of the special cosmetics, covering the skin of the face, look more natural than the cosmetics applied in the usual way.

It can be explained by the fact that the regular cosmetics accentuates the pores, while airbrush makes the pores less noticeable, but at the same time doesn’t interfere with normal skin breathing.

The Peculiarities of the Airbrushing

Unlike the classical makeup, airbrush means applying the cosmetics with a thin half transparent layer. Due to this, the skin is covered with a kind of a veil which hides the disadvantages (reddening, dark spots, acne, rash, black circles under the eyes, scars, fine lines, and even sunspots), but at the same time it doesn’t hide the actual color of the skin, so it looks natural with a light porcelain effect.

If not to use bright cosmetics, it may seem that you don’t have any makeup at all. The main advantage of this technique is that you don’t have to refresh the makeup and be afraid that at the most inopportune moment your powder blusher will go away or the foundation will turn into beads.

The distinctive feature of this method is that the makeup applied this way may stay on the face up to 12-18 hours and you won’t need to refresh it from time to time. Tears, sweat, occasional drops of water – all this is not a problem for your makeup as airbrushing is not afraid of moisture. It is very comfortable when you are going to visit some continuous event or party. That is why airbrush technique becomes more and more popular among the brides. Just imagine that you may look perfect and natural on your most important day. Isn’t it a dream?!

Here is a piece of advice: if you decided to use this method, have several experimental makeups before the actual event to make sure that your shade of the skin coincides with the selected cosmetics and then the event will be unforgettable.

The technique of airbrushing has its own peculiarities and the prices are rather high that is why it is important to select the cosmetics carefully.

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The Benefits of the Airbrush Makeup

This technique is perfect for photo and video, although many girls are scared that this makeup may look artificial. This thought is wrong: the special cosmetics for airbrush contains light-reflecting particles which make the skin perfectly matte without excess glitter and unwanted roughness.

Many makeup artists prefer this technique while preparing the models before the photography as it’s much better to create the “ideal” face at once than put tons of the cosmetics and then waste a lot of time for editing the photos in graphics editors.

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What Cosmetics is Used for Airbrushing

The makeup is applied with a help of the airbrush that is why the process is faster and a regular moistening cream or concealer are used as a foundation.

Airbrushing means applying not only the foundation but also the complete set of cosmetics: powder blusher, eyeshadows of various shades, lipstick etc. All the colors can be easily mixed up with each other creating the most unusual new shades which give the face fresh and natural look.

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If you decided to use the technique of airbrushing, do not forget that it is necessary to use special cosmetics of particular brands as it doesn’t contain oils or alcohol and can be used even by people predisposed to allergy or with a sensitive skin.

Another obvious advantage of this technique is that it is very hygienic as during applying the cosmetics no sponges or brushes will be used (during multiple usages they can become the breeding ground for various bacteria).

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How to Apply

First of all, it is necessary to select a proper shade of cosmetics – put several drops onto the face, if the color of the foundation coincides with your skin, shade it all over the face.

It’s also necessary to remember that you need to airbrush at the distance of 15-20 cm from the face; the movements should be soft and accurate. Eyebrows and lips are lined with the help of the stencil. Only this method allows creating nice smooth lines.

Airbrush is an excellent choice for men and women of any age as due to this technology pores become less visible and the wrinkles or other age changes almost disappear. Some minor details like eyelines or contour of the lips can be corrected manually.

The only disadvantage of this technique is a rather high price of the device and special cosmetics, besides, if you purchase the airbrush kit, you will have to master the skills of applying this kind of makeup.

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The Set for Airbrush Technique

Do you imagine what is needed to do the airbrush makeup? First, it is an air compressor with a connected (via the hose) stylus. This is the main device. The stylus has a special capacity into which the cosmetic is added. The artist works with a stylus like a painter on the canvas airbrushing the cosmetics on the face of the person. It is even possible to do such a makeup at home.

A popular brand Temptu is rather famous among the existing sets. The company produces both devices for airbrush and cosmetics for it. Hollywood visagistes prefer airbrush makeup Temptu as its quality is on a high level. In the set of this brand, there is an instruction on how to switch on and fill in the device with the cosmetics.

The scheme is the following:

  • A small amount of a special liquid foundation is added to the tank on the stylus;
  • A few drops of water should be added (the proportions are usually indicated on the product’s instruction);
  • The airbrush is held 20 cm from the face. It is recommended to do the circular movements. The model should close the eyes and hold the breath.

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It is possible to apply any cosmetics with the help of airbrush: foundation, eyeshadows, lipstick, powder blusher etc. However, the special cosmetics should be used. It has a certain consistency and structure that makes it possible to break up into microscopic particles and go through the thinnest stylus and pulveriser. These particles are not dissolved in the air and do not plug the holes in the stylus. Do not experiment with regular cosmetics as there is a risk to break down the device.

There are several kinds of foundation cosmetics for airbrushing:

  • Primer;
  • Concealer;
  • Shimmer (bronzer) for adding the effect of tan and shining;
  • Brightener (illuminator) for highlighting the skin if necessary.

The professionals recommend combining two types of the makeup: airbrush makeup and the conventional one. It means that you can apply the foundation and powder blusher with the help of airbrush, and then colour the eyes with regular eyeshadows and lips with a solid lipstick.

Cosmetics for airbrush makeup costs more than the traditional one, but at the same time, the consumption is more economical. It can be explained by the fact that the layer of makeup done by airbrush is thinner than the one after sponges and brushes.

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A few words about cleaning the airbrush. After each exchange of the cosmetics from one to another, it is necessary to wash the tank of the stylus. Just add several drops of water, put the napkin in front of the stylus and press the button. Once the transparent water will go out, the stylus is clean. If to skip this procedure, the cosmetics will dry out in the stylus and in time the stylus may stop passing the air.

Best airbrush makeup reviews

Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System/Fair to Medium Shades 6pc Foundation Set with Blush, Bronzer, Shimmer and Primer Makeup Airbrush Kit
This airbrush makeup system is a top piece of equipment for both starters who want to try out this new fashion trend at home and for professionals who work with people day by day and need a fast makeup tool. The creation of a natural skin tone has never been that easy. It is simple to blend the tones to gain the most attractive hues for the demonstration of one’s beauty.


  • It is applied to the skin with a thin breathing film.
  • Three modes assist in regulating the feeding of the paint.
  • It is shipped with 6 options of hues and all of them are mixable between each other.


  • It is hard to adjust the equipment without prior looking at YouTube tutorial.
  • The substances should be shaken in the bottles to avoid stickiness.

View Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System Kit

Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System Kit / Fair to Medium Shades 5pc Foundation Set with Blush, Concealer, Shimmer, Primer and Silica Finishing Powder (Matte Finish)
This airbrush makeup kit will guarantee the ultimate quality of finish for virtually any type of skin. It would be a perfect tool for organizing a bridal, prom and everyday makeup. The substance that is placed onto the skin is both water and smudge resistant. Additionally, you can use a concealer to bring the visage to perfection.


  • The effect of the airbrush makeup lasts for 24 hours without fading away.
  • The silica ingredient smoothens all the unevenness on the surface of the face.
  • The anti-aging moisturizers contribute to the nourishing of the skin.


  • It depends on the strength of electricity a lot to guarantee a decent power of compressor.

View Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System Kit

Luminess Air Aqua & White Legend Airbrush System

Luminess Air Pink & Black Legend Airbrush System with 5-Piece Silk 4-IN-1 Deluxe Airbrush Foundation & Cosmetic Starter Kit, Tan
The reviewed airbrush makeup system shows that it is possible to possess a professional makeup artist tool at home. Within several gentle movements with a spray, you will obtain an awesome foundation on the skin. The equipment boasts with an extremely quiet motor and all the tones that will be used are officially tested by dermatologists to avoid cases of allergy.


  • The compressor is made nearly noiseless.
  • The operation is absolutely hygienic.
  • The fluids that are used are tested by dermatologists.


  • It is compatible with only native products.
  • The product should be cleaned after every use as it dries very quickly in the applicator.

View Luminess Air Aqua & White Legend Airbrush System

Mineral Air Cordless Airbrush Makeup Kit – Light

Mineral Air Cordless Airbrush Makeup Kit - Light
This item is perfect for everyday use as it can be easily placed into the bag and used when there is a necessity to adjust one’s tone of the skin. There is no need for cords anymore and for heavy compressors as this one works on a pressure with which the tubes are infused. With this simple item, nobody will see fine lines, wrinkles, acne or any other flaws of the skin.


  • Mineral infused formula for nourishing of the skin.
  • Small size for easy transportation.
  • It is equipped with three available light tones.


  • The colors can’t be mixed.
  • You can use only native tubes of foundations.
  • The makeup lasts for only 8 hours.

View Mineiral Air Cordless Airbrush with Light Foundation

Iwata-Medea Studio Series Ninja Jet Single Piston Air Compressor

Iwata-Medea Studio Series Ninja Jet Single Piston Air Compressor
With this airbrush gun, your face will surely look as of a newborn. It does not require a lot of care as it is a monolith item. It is performed of metal and is equipped with a durable hose introduced with polyurethane. The metal fixtures of the equipment ensure an even flow of the foundation. It is compatible with all type of color brands.


  • Reliable equipment.
  • It generates a strong flow when warmed up.


  • It produces a loud noise during the work.
  • It needs some time to warm up to generate the required effect.

View Iwata-Medea Studio Series Ninja Jet Single Piston Air Compressor

Foundation Deluxe Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit Personal Pro

Foundation Deluxe Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit Personal Pro | Medium Shades
Regardless if you are a pro or an amateur, this airbrush kit will make it possible to organize a superb finish. It introduces all necessary equipment for organizing fast and easy airbrush makeup with quality aqua based paints. The best feature of this kit is its friendliness towards the skin and safety during the utilization. With this makeup tool, you will be ready for any type of event.


  • Introduces all required equipment for both new and professional artists.
  • Offers a wide selection of hues.
  • The miniature size makes it rather easy to transport.


  • It uses aqua based airbrush while oil is said to be more popular.
  • The nozzles are easily blocked with a dried paint and should be cleaned after every operation.

View Foundation Deluxe Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit Personal Pro

Temptu Gravity Feed Airbrush

Temptu Gravity Feed Airbrush, SP-35
This equipment is perfect for those who are willing to test their skills in airbrush makeup field. It has a surprising selection of tones to match a majority of skin types. The compressor is of a reduced weight to be suitable for the ladies’ utilization. It is equipped with two airbrushes for covering large areas and for elegant miniature work. The entire set can be easily counted a professional airbrush makeup kit.


  • The professional quality of a starter equipment.
  • The astonishing selection of foundations for all types of the skins.
  • You can mix the hues to get the new options.
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  • The channels can be easily blocked with a quick-drying substance.
  • For cleaning, you need to put the equipment into pieces and clean it if a long break is planned to be taken.

View Temptu Gravity Feed Airbrush

Temptu S-One Deluxe Airbrush Kit

Temptu S-One Deluxe Aibrush Kit: Airbrush Makeup Set for Professionals
This deluxe kit is a modified version of the previous option that is more suitable for some real artist who is experienced with airbrush makeup techniques and wishes a reliable support that will create real masterpieces. It is equipped with everything needed for a good makeup – blushes, highlighters, bronzers etc. A cleaning kit for the airbrush has been also added to keep the equipment nice and clean.


  • Everything is in one place.
  • Metal quality guarantees many years of lasting service.
  • A powerful engine is overheating proof to serve more customers.


  • The price is somewhat biting, showing that it is really for professionals not for home use.

View Temptu S-One Deluxe Airbrush Kit

Tickled Pink AirbrushTM Makeup Compressor Kit with Light Shades Foundation Makeup

Tickled Pink AirbrushTM Makeup Compressor Kit with Light Shades Foundation Makeup
This airbrush makeup kit is of a high quality and can be used for a professional purpose. The technology of operation is so simple that even an amateur is capable of using it. It utilizes no air tanks and is operated through the compressor that works rather quietly. There are three modes of operations for a more comfortable adjustment of the paint flow to make a makeup more even and natural looking.


  • The pressure adjustment avoids the damage to the skin during the operation.
  • It is additionally infused with aloe to grant moisture to the skin.
  • The foundations provide an instant effect.
  • It is safe for sensitive skin.


  • You need skills to learn how to use the item on yourself.
  • A regular cleaning is mandatory for a long term of service.

View Tickled Pink AirbrushTM Makeup Compressor Kit with Light Shades Foundation Makeup

Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter Kit

Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter Kit - Professional Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup System - LIGHT Foundation - Color Match Guarantee
With this starter equipment, you will be capable of making the best airbrush makeup even if this is your first step in the field of this cosmetics art. It generates a superb quality of the skin by means of hiding all the flaws, pigmentation spots, and wrinkles. The complex contains airbrushes for highlighter and bronzer and that is enough for gaining ultimate complexion for any situation.


  • The equipment is of a superb quality and durability.
  • Extra quiet compressor is of a very small size and is travel-friendly.
  • The makeup can be fast removed with water and soap.


  • There is no accumulator and you need a plug to use it.
  • Sometimes the shipped colors won’t match some of the complexions.

View Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter Kit

Art of Air FAIR Complexion Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

Art of Air FAIR Complexion Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System / 4pc Foundation Set with Blush, Bronzer, Shimmer and Primer Makeup Airbrush Kit
This equipment will become an excellent assistant for a lady’s makeup. It is rather comfortable to blend colors and apply them to the skin. It generates a well-attaching film along the surface that accommodates to a natural color of the owner. The product helps to achieve a nice and bright complexion. Additionally, it is compatible with an anti-aging primer to hide the wrinkles beneath the layer of makeup.


  • The equipment is easily prepared for work.
  • You can control the shades and pick among 6 options.
  • It provides an even makeup without flaking.
  • The compressor has three levels of intensity.


  • The foundation turns sticky if not shaken before utilization as pigments often get separated and fall to the bottom.

View Art of Air FAIR Complexion Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

Paasche Airbrush Makeup Brush/Compressor Kit with Case and Batteries

Paasche Airbrush Makeup Brush/Compressor Kit with Case and Batteries
This is simple, yet very effective airbrush makeup system. It consists of a battery operated compressor with a built-in brush holder. It is shipped with makeup bottles of Glamaire HD which will look astonishing on the skin. It can be equally applied at home and salons. The case makes it possible to effortlessly carry around if you are practicing outdoor makeup.


  • Strong gravity feed compressor that is capable to provide a quick operation.
  • Perfect for travelling as it does not depend on the plug.
  • The case is included in the set.


  • You need good batteries as the pressure goes weaker with low batteries.

View Paasche Airbrush Makeup Brush/Compressor Kit with Case and Batteries

Glam Air Airbrush Makeup Machine System

Glam Air Airbrush Makeup Machine System with 5 Dark Matte Shades of Foundation and Airbrush Blush light
This airbrush machine system will definitely find a place in your house or your beauty salon. Regardless of its simple design, it does not sacrifice the efficiency. With this piece of equipment, you are doomed to make your skin look stunningly perfect. The airbrush is made of a high-quality material that has got two modes for placing the foundation onto the skin. You can use it for bronzing and even temporary tattoo creation.


  • The machine is assembled effortlessly
  • It has numerous modes of utilization.
  • The compressor can endure a long time of service.


  • You need to maintain the equipment clean in order to prevent clogging.
  • The starting shipping lacks the colors.

View Glam Air Airbrush Makeup Machine System

Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System with 4 Medium Shades of Foundation in 1/4 Ounce Bottles - Kit Includes Blush, Bronzer and Highlighter and 3 Bonus Items and Video Link
This airbrush cosmetic is designed specifically for facial skin. The main secret lies in the fact that moisturizing primer contains numerous anti-aging ingredients which stimulate a natural complexion and boost the radiance of the face. An extra airbrush cleaner ensures the cleanliness of the applicators preventing any risks of cosmetology diseases.


  • It offers a wide selection of the tones.
  • It has extra tan feature.
  • Makeup is performed without any contact with the skin by brushes or fingers.


  • The needle holder should be removed carefully as the needle can fall out easily.

View Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System


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