Top 9 fashionable hairstyles in the style of 1970

In 1970s, there are diverse varieties of hair styles, huge number of experiments were done and lot of hairstyles were created in the decade 1970.Generally most of people feel I in love with the 1970s film stars, the main reason for this is their attractive hair styles.

Coming to women’s hair style, it varies from, short, long, different colored, rough, soft, androgynous and edgy. Every women wants her hair to look gorgeous like 1970s, they will make lot of things to make their hair attractive. African American ladies are very well famous for hair styles from 70s, they were predominantly known for wearing loose glossy hairstyle. Glooming and hairstyling is not a simple task for women. In 1970s, women decorate their hair with flower garland.

In 1970s men’s hair varies a bit throughout the entire decade. It also varies from short, long, black, brown, blow-dried, spiked and overgrown hair. During that decade fake hair also worn by men.





Top 9 fashionable hairstyles in the style of 1970






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