SNS Nails – Amazing Items for the Creation of Ultimate Manicure

Signature Nail Systems (SNS Nails) is a new ideal in the manicure world which is represented by an organic system of the nail extension. Some time ago other materials were popular: acryl, gel, shellac, but this time has gone with the appearance of a new system.

Many manicurists only observe SNS Nails system, although it may be possible that soon all the nail professionals will switch into SNS manicure not only because it looks nice, but also due to the comfortable usage. A nice manicure may be nice and strong.

Before the closer acquaintance with this specialty, read some history of the nail beauty industry.

  • Initially, nail polish was developed as a coat for the nails. Everyone knows its disadvantages: long drying, short-term of the wearing, making to recover the nail polish almost every day.
  • In the period of nail extension (this art is still being developed) a new material appeared – acryl. It is a very toxic stuff and it’s difficult to work with for both master and client. It has significant cons: a very sharp scent, causes allergy, there is a risk of fungi appearance under the acrylic coat, besides there is a lot of dust while working with it.
  • The next step of the nail coat evolution was the gel, the material which is softer than acryl but makes the nail unnaturally thick. The procedure of the nail extension takes as much time as the acrylic one.
  • Shellac is a breakthrough material of a good quality. It has a lot of advantages: fast drying, possibility to cover own nails, a great variety of colors and long-lasting result. An average period of wearing shellac is a couple of weeks.

Every woman wants to have a perfect manicure. Since it takes much time to maintain perfect manicure beauty specialists developed a super technology. SNS dipping powder is an ecological, not causing allergy material which requires minimum time and money. The coat doesn’t harm the nails, but on contrary nourishes it with vitamins and calcium.

Dipping powder fills in all the cracks on the surface of the nail and forms a healthy and beautiful nail plate. Many clients state that after several procedures their nails became smooth and stopped to flake.

What Are SNS Nails and Why They Are so Unique

  • The absence of any chemical elements;
  • Hypoallergenicity, no scent;
  • This technology can be used by pregnant and lactating women;
  • A very strong coat that remains bright for a long time.


  • Rather a firm manicure made with a help of SNS dipping powder.
  • A fast procedure that saves our precious time for something more important.
  • It is possible to bring to life almost any bethink design.

The powder helps to strengthen the nail plate and guarantees excellent manicure for almost a month term. Active girls can forget about broken nails or fractures of the coat. A pleasant fact is that it’s not necessary to breathe in chemical reagents and then worry about the respiratory system health.

It’s worth to admit that the shape of the nail bed has a natural look and one can hardly differ it from real nails. If you like pastel shades of the manicure, then SNS is your choice; French looks really wonderful with this material as transparent shades don’t become yellow with time.

Benefits for the Manicurist

  • You can forget about the UV lamp as the dipping powder does not require drying with ultraviolet.
  • Due to the fast procedure, the nail master can accept more clients during the day.
  • Affordability of the material exceeds any expectations, that is why the prime cost of the work becomes much lower. It’s really good news that the manicure with SNS is cheaper than the same one with shellac.
  • Multipurposeness of the material: the powder can be used not only for shaping the nail plate but also for recovering damaged nails. Dipping powder helps to make the own nails longer, scratches even and removes the flakes.
  • There is a great variety of colors that is why it is possible to satisfy even the most exquisite client.

The SNS dip powder itself has a very soft structure and it’s very easy to apply it on the nail surface which was preliminarily defatted.

What SNS Nails Near Me Are Available

There are several kinds of acrylic powder which is applied for the design and extension of the nails plate.

  • Velvet
  • Polymer
  • Gel
  • Holographic

  • Fixing
  • Fluorescent
  • Shimmering
  • Diamond

  • Chrome
  • Flocking

The Process of the Nail Extension

  1. The nail plate is being defatted with the help of the sanitizer, then it should be slightly filed.
  2. After this, a special foundation (a part of SNS system) is being applied.
  3. Not waiting for the nails to dry, each one is dived into the transparent dipping powder.
  4. The remains of the powder are removed with a cosmetical brush and a nail plate is covered with another layer of foundation.
  5. The next step is covering of the nails with several layers of colorful powder that makes the nails shimmering and protects from the sunbeams.
  6. Finally, it is fixed with a sealer.

Correction of the SNS Nails

  • If the correction is needed only for the grown part of the nail, then there is no need to move the line of the “smile”. The procedure is as follows:
  • The top layer of the nails should be filed up a little bit.
  • It is also necessary to make the transition from the natural nail to the artificial material smooth.
  • Defat the nails.
  • Apply EA Bond onto the grown part.
  • If necessary, remove the extra material with a napkin.
  • Place the gel base on the grown part of the nail with an even layer to avoid extra thickness.
  • Place the nail into the powder and repeat the procedure with all the nails.
  • Place the sealer and gel top afterward for a final touch of the manicure with rapid movements before it dries out.
  • After all the procedures are over you need to wait for 3-4 minutes until the nails are dry

The Removal of SNS Gel Powder

Such nail extensions can be easily removed, no pain and harm to the nails. The procedure of nail extension with SNS system will take no more than half an hour. Isn’t it great?! Our life becomes busier and busier, it is full of various events, working schedules. The less time the procedure takes, the better it is.

  • Brush the upper layer of the powder – it should be about ½ of the thickness.
  • Use a special piece of cotton that is soaked in gel powder removal substance.
  • Place the pieces of cotton on all the fingers and bind them with the silver paper.
  • Wait for 10-20 minutes till the nails get soaked through with the fluid.
  • Remove the silver paper and use the cotton for pulling down the gel powder.
  • All the procedure should run extremely smooth and if there are some difficulties it means that the fluid was either wrong or not suitable for removal. It can also happen that the layer of the substance is still too thick.

Available Options of SNS Nail Colors and Types

It is really hard to imagine the abundance of the color and style options which are offered by SNS manufacturer. With any of the available designer solutions, both professional nail artists and those who would like to try their skills at home can make marvelous masterpieces from their nails. Here is the selection of the best choices from SNS manicure goods that can home in handy during the work on some adorable style.

SNS Nails Pink & White Kit

Getting the kit is probably the best options for those who want to try out the first manicures with SNS products. While getting a kit you don’t have to think what items should be purchases first as all the necessary equipment is in one lovely set. This option introduces an attractive classical set of pink and white which would be adored by most ladies.


  • Real US quality
  • All goods in one place


  • Need some starter knowledge
  • Not everyone likes the pink solution

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SNS Dipping Powder Gel Base, Top, Sealer Dry, EA Bond

Base, sealer, bond, and top – all the needed items for the work with SNS powder. You can save time and money on ordering a standard kit with the needed pieces of equipment for the creation of stylish powder nails. The items in the kit will guarantee the most efficient quality that can be expected from the manufacturer.


  • Superb quality
  • Special formula for the use of the powder
  • Long and durable effect


  • Powder not included
  • Adapted for powder use only

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SNS Gel dipping powder basics (set of 5)

Here is a modified version of the starter kit for SNS powder nails. Here you can see even more flasks with substances which will be used for the creation of real masterpieces. A special improved formula makes the drying even faster than before.


  • Fast drying
  • Vitamins E and A included
  • No need for a special lamp


  • Shipped without powder
  • Need to know the sequence of actions

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SNS Gel dipping powder basics (set of 6)

Here is another starter kit with six elements included. Now it can boast with a special gel base and a special flask with brush cleaner that can keep your tools of work clean and always ready for some extra work.


  • Excellent SNS formula
  • No need for UV equipment
  • Brush cleaner included


  • Use with powder gel only

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SNS Gel dipping powder basics (set of 7)

Another modification of SNS basic kit for powder manicure is even richer than the previous. It introduces the container with nourish oils for the base of the nail to fill it with some extra vitamins for a great strength and durability.


  • Vitamin oil for stronger nails
  • More goods for a lower price


  • Powder not included
  • Better to use with other SNS goods

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SNS Gel dipping powder basics (set of 8)

Finally, the best choice in terms of money and number of tools included. It has got all the mentioned flasks for effective manicure work and, additionally, it is shipped with a special glue brush that will be helpful for those who are planning to do some extension nails. With this set, you will surely make the most fascinating manicures that are doomed to attract the attention.


  • The maximal set of goods
  • Best choice for professionals


  • Only for the manicure
  • Need to buy powder

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SNS Natural Set Nail Dipping Powder

Here is a standard and the most popular powder that is preferred by ladies throughout the world. The colors are white and pink, of course. With this powder, the hands will look gorgeous and amazing as if you were some kind of a celebrity.


  • Classical selection
  • Excellent look while saving time


  • Limited to pink and white

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SNS Natural Nail Dipping Powder Set Sheer

Another classical solution for ladies who desire to have excellent white nails. You shouldn’t hesitate as white color is always a winning color and the nails with this SNS powder will look absolutely adorable.


  • Fast drying without a lamp
  • Provides a superb look
  • Suitable for all nails


  • Small pack for professional manicurists

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SNS Pink and White Dipping Powders (2 oz, French White)

This nice solution for the French manicure will come to the liking of numerous ladies. The French with this powder will look so fashionable and glossy! The most interesting thing about this manicure powder is that it is not a pure white color but a mix with the light pink tint which will add some feminine gentleness.


  • Superb quality
  • Specially designed for the French manicure


  • It’s not pure white

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SNS Nails Dipping Powder No Liquid, No Primer, No UV Light

This gel series of SNS nail powder will astonish even the most selective customers. This powder is characterized with extra gloss and durability during the wearing. With this awesome item, you can enjoy the wearing of the manicure for nearly a month!


  • Long-serving
  • Excellent look


  • Can be tainted faster with dirt

View SNS Nails Dipping Powder No Liquid, No Primer, No UV Light

Rainbow Kit Selections

One color is great, of course, but for a real professional having plenty of colors attracts more customers and allows to create even more stunning masterpieces. That is why below you can find the most popular color sets with SNS nail powder which include the solutions for all important events when a lady might need some goddess-like manicure.

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6 Color Bridal Collection

Here is a special bridal collection for ladies who wish to look like an angel on their special day. It can be also used for everyday wear if you want to add some elegance to your look.


  • Perfect for bridal design
  • Elegant mate solutions


  • Mostly mate hues
  • A lot of pink shades

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9 Color Diva Collection

This is a universal collection for those who are seriously into making attractive gel powder nails. SNS introduces the most popular colors which are purchased most frequently.


  • Good for professionals
  • Fast drying


  • Customization not available

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9 Bright Colors Summer Collection

Summer demands bright colors and SNS has got a special kit on this occasion. Here is a selection of bright hues to match the summer mood of the one who will be using this powder. All the colors are crafted to reflect the greenery and flowers around.


  • Excellent summer selection
  • Decent SNS quality


  • Colors can be shifted

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12-Color Holiday (Christmas) Collection

Inspired by the Christmas theme, this set of powder gel will breathe the holiday spirit into every person. The colors are mostly associated with snow and Santa. There are variations of mate and glossy colors for you to pick.


  • Amazing snow themed colors
  • Brings real holiday spirit


  • Mostly cold hues

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6-Color Nude Collection

Nude is one of the most frequently selected color styles. It is simple, yet rather elegant and is used by celebrities, business ladies etc. Here are six unique colors to match your exquisite taste.


  • Excellent nude style
  • Gentle and soft colors


  • Not so bright set of colors
  • No sparkling options

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6 Color Cleopatra Collection

This series of nail powder was devoted to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and it means that any lady can have the nails which would be more suitable for the royalty of Nile. All colors here are emanating strength, passion, and seduction which would be perfect for some evening.


  • Creates unforgettable image
  • Passionate colors


  • Somewhat dark colors
  • The grown part of nails demands correction

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12 Color Spring Collection

Here is a splendid decoration collection with mate powder which will be suitable for springtime. All the colors were selected to match the fresh breath of nature’s awakening. You will definitely find something for an unforgettable spring look.


  • 12 amazing colors
  • Fast application


  • The colors can be changed from kit to kit

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9 Color Design Series Collection

This is an excellent sparkling kit for those who like to have a shining manicure. Here you can find nine wonderful dipping powders with colors that will match any important event that might take place in the life of any woman.


  • Long time of service
  • Bright shining colors


  • No selection colors possible
  • No mate color

View 9 Color Design Series Collection

These were only a small part of nail products which are introduced by SNS in the market. Even all the mentioned above options will be enough for making the nails look gorgeous and unbelievably stylish. The only thing that is needed is to try out the nail substances of the next generation and see how effective they can be.


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