10 methods to make your hairs naturally curly

In this world there are many types of hair styles, some people like shiny some black some white some curly hair. But what I am going to tell here is How to make your hairs curl. Well not all the peoples are born with curly hairs but that doesn’t mean that you cant get curly hairs you can make your hairs curly too. So the steps are given below.

Try to make pin in curls with bobby pins.
Section slightly damp your hair into 1square inches. Roll each of the section around with your finger from top to bottom. Be careful while sleeping, they can hurt your head at night.

Remove the pins and and clips at least after three hours.

Put the rollers in your hair.
It means hard or foam rollers which doesn’t require electricity or heat. The rollers that you need to pluging in will create the curls but they will also damage your hair the same time so Be Careful!

Start that with wet and clean hair. Use a little bit styling gel and try to apply the rollers everywhere in your head and by twisting your hair around them. When you will remove the rollers you will have curls. And the larger rollers will be the bigger will be the curls!!

So only by using these methods you can get curly hairs. That’s It!!

medium curly hairstyles photo - 2

medium curly hairstyles photo - 3


medium curly hairstyles photo - 4

medium curly hairstyles photo - 5


medium curly hairstyles photo - 6

medium curly hairstyles photo - 7


medium curly hairstyles photo - 8

medium curly hairstyles photo - 9


medium curly hairstyles photo - 10




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