Layered short haircuts

In society today both women and men compete to be the most stylish – beauty is important in our world -which means that the haircut you choose is vital to not only the way you feel and look but to the way you portray yourself to others. A thing of the past which is coming back into fashion again is short layered haircuts, these can be cute, fun, easy to maintain and let’s be honest they work for everyone. If you are a young professional, a mother of five or even middle-aged then why don’t you try some of these amazing layered, short hairstyles below.

A pixie cut with a mane is basically a very, very short layered haircut which works on both wavy and straight hair and a long, side fringe which gives the impression of long hair. If you don’t want to go so drastic then try a short layered bob which is cut evenly just above the nape of your neck and trims around and above your jawline. This hairstyle is unique, feminine and will give you an air of elegance. If you prefer spunky and stylish to sophistication then go for something short and spiky, you can leave long bangs at the front which is a great way for rounder faces and fuller cheeks to appear slimmer.

Whichever your choice, short, spiky or sophisticated, you can be assured that short layered hairstyles is the way to go! Go for highlights to add depth or do something crazy and choose from rainbow hues like blue and pink. Experiment and have fun because you never know, you might like the versatility a short hairstyle could give you!

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