30 Pin up HairStyles: Fashionable and Unique

Pin up hairdos ooze a ladylike appeal and unique appeal. These hairstyles are not difficult to make, and when you get the main guidelines, making a pinup hairstyle will be peace of a cake.

What are main guidelines in pursuing the right pin up hairstyle?

In order to have this perfect eye catching look, you need to follow some steps. It is important to know how to pick right items for your hair and to choose the right style.

There are many pin up styles for long here, but there are two simple looks I love the most. One of them is curls on one side, just twist the hair towards your face. The twists need to be right alongside the other so during brushing our hair, every one of the curls will give a harmonized look.

Foxy bangs- Segment off you’re blast area by drawing a patch of hair in range from eyebrow to eyebrow, pull the section tightly and high above your temple, and utilize the hair splash and hair iron to make it relentless.

#1 Sleek Retro Pin Up Hair

Some people might think that pin up hairstyles are old fashioned, although if you pay attention to the modern art, you will notice that there are many hairdos of these styles presented in various modern movies, ads and even video games. The pin up models are considered the iconic choice of the 20s, 40s and 50s. The hairdos are compatible with various hair length and structure making it a wonderful choice.

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#2 The Fashion Bomb

Polished curls like these used to be extremely cool looking and were a mind blowing bomb of the past time. This hairdo symbolizes a free spirit woman who is not afraid to express her sexiness and glamour. This option of pin up hair is simple and elegant at the same time and can preserve the shape during the whole period of wearing from morning till night. Imagine how you will look with this hairstyle and you will be fascinated with this retro reminder.

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#3 The 40s Pin Up Hairdo with Flower Décor

There are many pin up options that remind us about past times. In fact, people drew inspirations from the first advertisements and black and white movies, where women of various age demonstrate awesomely seducing (for that time) looks. The two flowers on the top of the updo will add some gorgeous accent to your eyes if the tone is selected properly. You definitely should try this polished style.

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#4 Sleek Chunky Waves

The combination of white color and waves is always a winning option even for a retro hairstyle. The hair in this model is supposed to be rolled into a set of curly vintage bangs which are not that characteristic of contemporary hairdos. With thick hair it looks even more outstanding. Perhaps, that is why it was preferred by the American and French actresses in the classics of cinematography.

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#5 Victorious Rolls With Falling Waves

Now you are looking at the symbol of the 40s. It still hasn’t lost its charm and carries a slight hint of vintage glamour that is greatly appreciated with modern trend settlers. The glamorous casual hairstyle of the past has been revived in a form of cool classic style hairdo that is beautifully accompanied with a little black dress by Coco Channel. This hairdo can be simply called with one single word – perfection!


#6 Darling Hairstyle

Darling hairdo – that is the name that was given to this model as it was considered the most popular wide spread hairdo among American house wives. Now this is a popular solution for many starlets and hipster girls. It really propels the look and raises the style to a totally different level. If you find retro style attractive, you can try out this hairdo as it would be a wonderful choice for beginners.


#7 Drink Cola

This wavy pin up hairstyle was first introduced in the advertisement of the Coca-Cola and later on it was seen on a great number of posters and big boards. As Cola was a leading trend back in the 40s-60s, people were inspired with image from the picture and applied this image to their personal styles. That is why women in their majority started to wear blond color with a pin up and waves.


#8 Curled Pin up Style

With pin up hairdos the length of hair is not important. You can still look gorgeous and beautiful by simply adding some volume to the hair of yours. Moreover, if you add some fashionable hair accessory like a flower pin, a head band or any other, you will totally transform the retro hairstyle into something entirely different. An open forehead makes the image complete.


#9 Medium Length Pin Up Hairdo

The design was probably inspired by the look of the real sex symbol of the past – Marilyn Monroe. It’s one of the canonic hairstyles of the 50s. Let it not disappoint you as the hairdo is perfectly applicable to contemporary fashion as it is a popular fact that everything is cyclical. All the trends that used to exist in the past will return some day. Now it’s the time of vintage popularity.


#10 Medium Blond With Extra Volume

If you are searching for a retro hairstyle that will offer a decent voluminous look, go for this option. It radiates with feminine sensitivity and looks simple, elegant and awesome as many modern hairdos. The shoulder length of the hair is the most optimal and practical length for the hairdo of this style. Extra glamour is simply achieved with the swept back wavy bangs.


#11 Hair in a Bandana

The follower of the retro style cannot be deprived from a fashionable hair design when the hair was hidden beneath a lovely stylish bandana. It is a practical solution if you need to hide your hair while doing some chores and remain stylish as with open hair. In addition, a bandana will protect your head during the incredible solar activity. All the points above make this vintage hairdo double useful.

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#12 Long Beach Pin up Style

This wavy option is a marvelous variant for a long thick shiny hair. The hair is waved in a shape of a spiral. It is an excellent option for a beach visit if you want to look cute and charming. The flower makes you like some Hawaiian princess. If you are trying to find a worthy option with a slight retro hint, try out this hairdo and it will definitely surprise you.


#13 Awesome Retro Fetish

If you are passionate about retro times and prefer various combinations of vintage designer solutions, then this hairdo is just the right variant that will be perfectly combined with both vintage and contemporary style garments. It a cool solution for ladies of any age and it would be best presented in a black glossy color for some extra glamour.


#14 A Protruding Bouffant with a Red Band

The image of a red riding hood was very popular in the 40s. Here we can see an incredibly cute and attractive hairstyle with a read head mesh. The front curled bouffant looks really gorgeous and will come to the taste of many people. The best option for this hairdo is the white colored hair with red band as they will contrast with each other and grant a fine texture of hair.


#15 Beehive Highness

We couldn’t have forgotten about the beehive hairdo with freely flowing locks. This is a real retro classics that we couldn’t have forgotten. If you’re planning any type of romantic event this hairdo will be your number one assistant. You can’t even imagine how wonderful can a lady look with luxurious beehive hair in combination with some beautiful evening dress. Be sure that you will rock!


#16 Daring Violet Retro

Though with a simple color this hairdo would look very simple and old fashioned, with the modern technology you are able to breathe in a totally new life in the hair of yours. Just add some unusual hair dye, violet for example, and you will see how it will immediately transform the look of yours to an unimaginable extent. Add some bright band to contrast with the color of hair. You can always choose another color combination.


#17 Retro Style Half Up and Half Down

The Victorian rolls presented in this hairdo are really great, especially when they go in pairs. While they add some extra festive look on your head and emphasize the forehead, the free remnants of hair strands, which fall with cute waves, are definitely add a beautiful frame around your visage. After spending some minutes in the chair of the hairdresser you will get a stunning look of your dreams.

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#18 Starlet Girl Style

The image of Rita Hayworth is still appealing to many women and those ladies who prefer wavy hairdos. You should not miss the chance of becoming just like her but also getting this angel like hairstyle. The curls here look truly amazing and the hair remains bouncy and natural regardless of anything. The retro does not always mean old fashioned!




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