Christmas Nail Design Ideas in 2023

A manicure is a fashion accessory that cannot be overlooked. To adapt it to the colorful time of year, you just need to choose the appropriate nail art. With the New Year holidays just around the corner, it’s time to add some festive glamour to our manicures. At New Year’s Eve, you always want magic […]

TOP 33 – Carrie Underwood HairCut

Lately, Carrie’s Instagram posts with her baby and husband have drawn enormous online attention. As much as her new image as a caring parent, Carrie Underwood new haircut has also become a talk of the town. Her intention behind this new hairdo is obviously to spend more and quality time with her son and not […]

Expert look on Pink hair

Pink hair style looks good when it is well braided by the expert and this has attracted so many ladies to try it on their head and it fits perfectly on their head. It is in two styles where you put on your own hair and another one resembles a weave. These braids are easy […]

27 Highlights For Dark Brown Hair

Having beautiful dark brown hair is an integral part of looking good. This is why so many people take good care of this part of their body. It may be expensive, but the result is always very much worth it. Highlights for dark brown hair can be used to enhance beauty. Highlight Selection Choosing to […]

Grey hair: Hide or Not to Hide?

Fashion keeps on changing, similarly style does and also preferences changes. Earlier when women use to see their first grey hair, they tend to shy and try to cover them with dyes. Introduction Grey’s doesn’t only mean that someone is getting older, it can also depict the maturity and responsibility of one-selves. Now a days […]

25 Taper fade hairstyles for all seasons

Taper fade haircuts has been a choice for men hairstyle for many years. The hairstyle becomes shorter as you go down. The hair fades as you move to the neckline. The neckline. It is evident that the hairstyle is not going away anytime soon. Here are just some of the current taper fade haircuts trends […]

23 Ideas for trendy Magenta hair color

On the present hair color pattern, a greater part of ladies is not happy with their unique hair color. What’s more, that is OK because occasionally Magenta hair color as the color of choice is 100% superior to the first one. Besides, all ladies have some natural quality that rolls out them look for improvements. […]

20 benefits of Burgundy hair color

Making a choice on which hair color to apply can be a daunting experience to anyone. This is due to the fact that there exist a wide variety of hair colors in the market today ranging from beeline honey to medium ash brown which is mostly preferred for a cool brunette hue. But have you […]

25 facts to know about a Stacked bob

A stacked bob is anything worn just above the shoulders but with still enough length that the top portion hangs over the shortest length at and around the nape. Introduction Bob haircuts range from cut straight across to highly angled with lots of layers. Stacked Bobs are a single length look with a variation on […]

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